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Passionate Focus 2020

Messenger by Amber Miller

Amber Miller

  1. Messenger
Cordoba, Spain by Annie Hesse

Annie Hesse

  1. Cordoba, Spain
  2. Dancers
African Dancer by Barbara Oswald

Barbara Oswald

  1. African Dancer
  2. Autumn Collage
Dot the Eye by Barbara Romain

Barbara Romain

  1. Dot the Eye
Four Seasons by Camille Jassny

Camille Jassny

  1. Four Seasons
Mulch Gardens by Carol Sue Henry

Carol Sue Henry

  1. Mulch Gardens
Downtown Chicago L Train by Charles Blackwell

Charles Blackwell

  1. As Seen from Top of Symphony Dance in Exhortation
  2. Downtown Chicago L Train Station by Charles Blackwell
  3. Riding on Route 66 Barstow CA 1961
  4. Wa-Tu-Day Dance Far from Fire
Cobblestone Park #2 by Constance Avery

Constance Avery

  1. After Piet Mondrian
  2. Cobblestone Park #2
  3. The Cool Breeze of the Woods
Take Your Glasses Off by Frank Valliere

Frank Valliere

  1. Mellow Marsh
  2. Take Your Glasses Off
Pink Roses by Hamilton Byrd

Hamilton Byrd

  1. Mount Call
  2. Pink Roses
Blue Cachet by Kurt T. Weston

Kurt T. West

  1. Blue Cachet
  2. Golden Glamor
Ifugao Rice Terraces Philippines by Leticia de Guzman

Leticia De Guzman

  1. Ifugao Rice Terraces Philippines
  2. Visually Impaired Dancer
Marilyn (Icon) by Lynda Lambert

Lynda McKinney Lambert

  1. Marilyn (Icon)
Red Tea Pot by Passle Helminksi

Passle Helminski

  1. Red Tea Pot
Anna's Peonies by Rose Kamma Morrison

Rose Kamma Morrison

  1. Anna's Peonies
  2. Whispering Birches
Our World on the Brink by Rosemarie Fortney

Rosemarie Fortney

  1. Our World on the Brink
  2. Resurrection at Dawn
1955 Chevy Nomad by Russell Schermer

Russell Schermer

  1. 1926 Mercedes
  2. 1955 Chevy Nomad
  3. 1956 Chrysler
Nowhere in Sight

Sam Smith

  1. Driving Farce
  2. Nowhere in Sight
Gnarly Roots by Stella De Genova

Stella De Genova

  1. Borough Market - London
  2. Gnarly Roots
  3. Quiet Moments
A Child's Adventure by Virginia Knepper Doyle

Virginia Knepper Doyle

  1. A Child's Adventure
What They Call Me: Untitled 2

Yvonne Shortt

  1. What They Call Me: Untitled 1
  2. What They Call Me: Untitled 2