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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Lynda McKinney Lambert

Lynda’s interdisciplinary interests led her to a career in teaching across disciplines in fine art and English literature. She retired from her position as professor of fine arts and humanities from Geneva College in 2008 due to profound sight loss. She suddenly lost most of her sight in 2007 due to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. This unexpected change in her life opened the door for her to pursue her love of making art & writing full-time.

Lynda established her art studio in The Village of Wurtemburg in 1997. From her rural western Pennsylvania home and studio, she has successfully exhibited her art worldwide, in the US, Europe, and New Guinea. Her work appears in private and public collections.

Before her sudden sight loss, she taught full time at Geneva College.

She earned 3 degrees: BFA, Painting; MA – English; MFA – Painting

Lambert’s interest in fiber art began as a young child – when her mother taught her to do embroidery. The mixed-media fiber work that she does now is a continuation of those lessons she had as a child, combined with her extensive career as a painter, printmaker, and writer.

After sight loss, this creative teacher was determined to continue making art. Lambert worked for two years to re-learn how to use a computer using blind technologies and two CCTVs. Lynda uses an Acrobat to create fiber works. For writing, Lynda uses the Merlin CCTV. These technologies combine with her imagination and her inner vision – and the work she produces is more detailed and exquisite than ever before. She never did encrusted beadwork until after her sight loss. It is now Lynda’s passion!

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