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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Learning to Live with Vision Loss

How We Can Help You

Group of Second Sense Clients

Vision loss can be overwhelming. It can be challenging and frustrating.

But there are things you can do, techniques you can learn and tools you can use that can help to ease the frustration.

Our professional staff will work with you, providing you with practical solutions to address the challenges you are facing. We understand that everyone’s vision loss is different. So we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, we meet you where you are and provide the individual training to get you where you want to be. At Second Sense, you will get the support and training that will help you reach your goals — whatever they may be.

Learning to Live with Vision Loss

We can help you sort through the resources and tools that are available to help you adjust to vision loss. We are trained and certified to teach you how to cook, use a smart phone or smart speaker, feel more comfortable dining in public, organize your home or continue your favorite hobby. You decide the training you want and the goals you want to achieve. And we will help you get there.


Technology Solutions and Training

  • Technology can make your life easier! Learn to use a smart phone, try out a tablet or get a smart speaker that responds to your voice.Today’s technology doesn’t have to be scary. We can help you get set up, troubleshoot any issues you are having with technology and teach you how to use the latest devices.And, if you want to learn to use a computer and the different software, we provide individual technology training on just the programs you want to learn.


Getting Around Independently

Losing your vision doesn’t mean you have to stay at home.  We can teach you the skills to help you travel safely and confidently.  Learn to travel as part of a team with a guide.  Move around your house without bumping your head or banging your shin.  Go outside to get the mail or enjoy your backyard.  Cross residential streets or busy downtown intersections.  Ride public transit.  You work with our staff to set the goals you want.


Daily Living Products

Our product center carries a select group of  tools  to help manage daily tasks. From magnifiers to large print calendars and bump dots to white canes, we provide you with the tools that will make your life easier. The Product Center is open by appointment only. Call 312-236-8569. You can also order products by phone.


Making Sense Newsletter

Making Sense, our free, monthly email newsletter, is packed with information for people with vision loss.


Information and Referral

Sometimes just knowing where to turn is confusing. We encourage you to call us and ask questions.

Someone is available to answer your questions during regular business hours at 312-236-8569 or send an email and we will answer it promptly.