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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss


Second Sense works with our community of volunteers, clients and partners to effectively deliver our training to the most people, while emphasizing an individual, client-centered service approach.  During this past year:

147 adults learned to use technology to complete school, retain employment and enhance their daily lives
Hands on a computer keyboard

  • 90 clients worked individually with our technology instructor to learn to use a PC, their smart phone or another technology tool
  • These clients achieved 83% of their training goals
  • 67 clients received 154 hours of peer-tutoring on using today’s technology
  • 95% of clients learned to do at least one skill independently

91 clients learned the skills they need to travel independently

  • 78 adults learned to travel safely and independently using a white cane
  • 17 clients learned the Human Guide technique to travel as a team with a partner
  • 100% of our mobility clients are using the skills they learned every day
  • 24 clients attended our new self-defense training — teaching techniques designed for people with vision loss

284 adults learned they can still independently complete daily tasks with vision loss
Client in Second Sense's cooking classes cuts up a green pepper

  • 86 seniors received in-home training in skills that will allow them to remain independent and active
  • 76 clients received training on-site, learning to complete daily tasks like cooking, money management and personal grooming
  • Clients learned to safely and efficiently perform 86% of the skills they set as goals and 75% of clients report using the skills independently within 6 weeks of training

40 volunteers provided over 3,910 hours of service


Second Sense inspires individuals to move beyond vision loss and believe in their abilities. Through client-centered support and training, they learn new skills, build confidence and realize their value in our community. Together we are changing society’s perception of human potential.