Since 1947, Second Sense has served people with vision loss.  We have a long history of developing unique programs that address the unmet needs of the people we serve.  Our staff is professionally trained and certified to provide the highest quality services, with patience, empathy and courtesy.

We work with our community of volunteers, clients and partners to effectively deliver our programs to the most people, while emphasizing an individual, client-centered service approach.

Our services are all offered individually or in a small group setting. Last year, Second Sense staff:

  • Trained 180 adults to use computers with adaptive technology
  • Provided 321 hours of peer-tutoring to 75 clients on adaptive technology software and equipment
  • Traveled to 19 different community sites to provide education and training to 226 seniors with new vision loss so they can remain independent and active
  • Offered individual and small group classes to 171 clients, teaching them how to safely and efficiently complete daily tasks like cooking, personal finances and dining with confidence
  • Provided 40 adults with 436 hours of orientation and mobility training, teaching them to travel safely and independently
  • Helped two community leaders start a low-vision support group in their communities and provided resources to over 89 active support group leaders
  • Educated over 350 professionals on the effective delivery of services and assistance to people with vision loss
  • Spent over 830 hours researching a variety of topics and responding to hundreds of requests for information on vision loss and the resources available
  • Worked with 30 volunteers, who provided over 3,844 hours of service


Second Sense inspires individuals to move beyond vision loss and believe in their abilities. Through client-centered support and training, they learn new skills, build confidence and realize their value in our community. Together we are changing society’s perception of human potential.