Second Sense is celebrating 71 years of service to adults with vision loss.  Our staff is professionally trained and certified to provide the highest quality services.

We work with our community of volunteers, clients and partners to effectively deliver our programs to the most people, while emphasizing an individual, client-centered service approach.  During this past year:

158 adults learned to use technology to complete school, retain employment and enhance their daily lives
Hands on a computer keyboard

  • 34 clients attended training classes, receiving up to 100 hours of classroom instruction
  • 42 clients received an average of 7 hours of individual instruction
  • 66 clients received 245 hours of peer-tutoring on using today’s technology
  • 68 clients attended at least 1 of 24 different training workshops

110 clients learned the skills they need to travel independently

  • 27 clients attended our new self-defense training — teaching techniques designed for people with vision loss
  • 85 adults learned to travel safely and independently using a white cane
  • 100% of our mobility clients are using the skills they learned every day

284 adults learned they can still independently complete daily tasks with vision loss
Client in Second Sense's cooking classes cuts up a green pepper

  • 101 seniors received 452 hours of in-home training in skills that will allow them to remain independent and active
  • 64 clients received training on-site, learning to safely and efficiently complete daily tasks like cooking, money management and personal grooming
  • staff traveled to 15 different community-based support groups to teach 27 training workshops to 119 seniors. They learned skills such as dining with vision loss, using smart phones for independence and organizing your home for safety and efficiency

40 volunteers provided over 3,910 hours of service


Second Sense inspires individuals to move beyond vision loss and believe in their abilities. Through client-centered support and training, they learn new skills, build confidence and realize their value in our community. Together we are changing society’s perception of human potential.