Technology Solutions and Training

Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

Man sitting at a computer

Our classes, workshops and one-on-one instruction provide all the training options you need to master today’s tools:

  • computers and the adaptive software that makes them accessible
  • tablets (like iPads)
  • smart phones and all the great apps for people with vision loss
  • digital book readers

Even if you have never used a computer or picked up a smart phone, we can teach you the skills.

If you already have computer skills and are just looking to add to your knowledge, we have training for you!

Individual Technology Training: Adaptive software that enlarges the information on the computer monitor or that provides speech output can enable a person with vision loss to use a computer. We teach screen-magnification software (ZoomText and Windows Magnifier) and screen-reading software (JAWS and NVDA).  Learn to use the MS Office Suite, send email and navigate the Internet.

Half-Day Classes and Workshops: We offer a  variety of half-day classes during the week and on weekends to meet your needs. Our classes teach you to use the latest tools and applications.

Individual Technology Tutoring: Our volunteer technology tutors can help with a variety of adaptive technology. Tutors are available to help you in person in our Adaptive Technology Center or over the phone.  We also have an open lab staffed with tutors for your assistance.

  • Apple products
  • adaptive technology
  • Victor Reader Stream
  • email


Tech Exchange

Second Sense hosts an online community of adaptive technology users for you to ask questions, share information and learn from other members. Anyone is welcome to join. Sign up for Tech Exchange. Screen-reader users can follow the steps below:

    1. Go to:
    2. Ignore the log-in form at the top of the page. This is for returning users only.
    3. Activate the link to the group you would like to join: Tech Exchage, Vision Exchange or Family and Friends
    4. Activate the ling “Subscribe.”
    5. Activte the “Skip to Content” link.
    6. Fill in your email address in the edit box below the text that says “your email address.”
    7. Activate the submit button below the edit box.

After following these steps you will receive an email from Electric Embers. Follow the directions in this email to confirm your subscription.