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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Technology Solutions and Training

Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

Man sitting at a computer

Our training options give you the choices you need to master today’s tools.

  • Learn how to easy it is to use a smart phone – and how it can simplify many of your daily tasks.
  • Discover all that a smart speaker can do — and all at the sound of your voice.
  • Read the latest book from your favorite author using a digital book reader.
  • Take on the challenge of learning to use a computer with speech (JAWS or NVDA) or magnification (ZoomText Fusion).

Even if you have never used a computer or picked up a smart phone, we can teach you how to use these devices to increase your independence.

If you already have computer skills and are just looking to add to your knowledge, we have training for you!

Individual Technology Training

Our instructor will work with you to determine which devices and software will best meet your needs. Individual training lessons will help you learn to use the tools that will increase your independence and enhance your life. Whether for work, school or personal needs, we can show you how technology will work for you. Contact Kathy Austin by email or phone at 312-236-8569 for more information,

In-Home Training

Our Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapists provides some in-home training on using technology devices to enhance independence. Contact Kathy Austin by email or phone to discuss if this is the right training option for you.

Technology Tutors

Our volunteer technology tutors can help with a variety of assistive technology. They are our go-to resource if you are not looking for comprehensive training:

  • Setting up your iPhone and learning gestures for VoiceOver
  • Navigating the internet
  • Using the Victor Reader Stream
  • Starting a Gmail account for email
  • Downloading audio books and more!

Tutors are available to help you by appointment in person or over the phone. Call 312-236-8569 to schedule an appointment.

Our Open Computer Lab is Available for Your Use

We open our computer lab for your use Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment. Our computers have the complete MS Office Suite and adaptive technology (JAWS, NVDA, ZoomTextFusion).

We staff the open lab with a volunteer tutor who can help you with issues that may come up or to help you resolve simple issues. They can also help you improve your keyboarding skills with our Typio self-paced tutorial.

Learn All Your iPhone can do for You

Apple Exchange is for you if you love your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

The open group meets the first Thursday of every month. At each meeting, we discuss a new topic, learning new skills and sharing experiences.

A staff member or technology tutor will lead the discussion. You will learn how to make the most out of your device from security settings to image recognition to GPS. Apple Exchange attracts a diverse group of people who are eager to learn more about their iPhone.

Check out our Calendar to read about the upcoming Apple Exchange meeting topics.

Tech Exchange

Second Sense hosts an online community of adaptive technology users for you to ask questions, share information and learn from other members. Anyone is welcome to join. Sign up for Tech Exchange. Screen-reader users can follow the steps below:

Go to:

  • Ignore the log-in form at the top of the page. This is for returning users only.
  • Activate the link to the group you would like to join: Tech Exchange, Vision Exchange or RP Group.
  • Activate the link “Subscribe.”
  • Activate the “Skip to Content” link.
  • Fill in your email address in the edit box below the text that says “your email address.”
  • Activate the submit button below the edit box.

After following these steps you will receive an email from Electric Embers. Follow the directions in this email to confirm your subscription.