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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss


Contact Us with Your Questions

If you have questions about vision rehabilitation, services or resources, we will find an answer.  Our professionally-trained staff has the expertise and knowledge to answer most of your questions.  If we don’t know an answer, we will do the research to direct to you another resource that can help. Just phone Second Sense at 312-236-8569 and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members or email us at

Second Sense Resource Sheets

Recreational Resources

Scholarships for Students with Vision Loss

Screen-Reader Keyboard Commands

Ten Things to Keep in Mind When You Meet Someone with Vision Loss

Top Five Tools for the Successful Student

Top Ten Products for Independence

What is a Low Vision Exam?

Making Sense

Our monthly newsletter, Making Sense, provides current information regarding a number of areas affecting people with vision loss, from technology to recreation, events to resources. It is available in large print, email, braille and audio via NFB Newsline. Read this month’s issue of Making Sense or  subscribe to Making Sense and begin receiving your own copy next month!

Vision Exchange

Low vision support group leaders need a unique set of resources to help them build their groups and keep them vibrant. Check out our complete section of resources specifically designed for support group leaders.