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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Orientation and Mobility Training

Getting Where You Want to Go

Andrea walking confidently down a city sidewalk using her white cane

We will teach you how to get where you want to go – safely and independently.

You set the pace and work with our staff to set your own goals.  We can teach you how to:

  • work more gracefully as a team with a guide (your spouse, partner, child, parent, friend)
  • move about your home without banging your head or stubbing your toe
  • walk to the corner coffee shop
  • cross streets
  • travel on public transit

If you have never received orientation and mobility training, here is a guide to determine if O&M training is for you.

Or, if you’ve had mobility training, but want to learn a new a new route or ride public transit maybe it is time to update your O&M skills.

Orientation and mobility training is provided one-on-one at our office, in your home, throughout your community and other locations you wish to travel to independently.

Read a description of orientation and mobility training and call Kathy Austin at 312-236-8569 for more information.