Support Services

Learning to accept vision loss and adjusting to the frustration and stress associated with it is an ongoing process. Our supportive environment, professional staff and variety of program options are here to help you through this process.  Our What are Vision Loss Support Groups All About? describes some of the topics addressed in both individual counseling and support groups.

  • Individual Counseling consists of up to 15 private sessions with our Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist. The personal stressors that are affecting your life and your ability to cope are addressed, with sessions focused on your specific needs. These sessions most often involve training on skills that will alleviate your personal stressors.  These sessions are completely confidential.
  • Monday Afternoon Discussion is an open group for adults who want to find constructive and practical ways to face the challenges vision loss can bring. See our events calendar to read about upcoming discussion topics.  New members are welcome at any meeting.
  • RP Meet Up connects adults with retinitis pigmentosa to socialize, share stories and lend support.  New members are encouraged to attend.  See our events calendar to see when the next meeting is scheduled.
  • V.I.P. Meet Up is for active young adults, 18-35.  Discussions center on recreational activities, sports, careers and dating.  New members are always welcome.  The next meeting date can be found on our events calendar.
  • Workshops and Seminars on topics relating to employment readiness, disability benefits, advocacy and health
  • Information and Referral to other services, training and resources

Counseling services are offered at no charge. Our professional counselor is happy to talk with you about the services that would best meet your individual needs. Please contact Polly Abbott at 312-236-8569.