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Audio & Other Recording Items

Victor Reader Stream Victor Reader Stream by Humanware

The Victor Reader Stream is a versatile, pocket-sized personal listening device.  The Stream can hold NLS books, podcasts, word and text documents, music  and audio recordings.  It has WiFi capability, clock, built-in speaker, earbuds, high contrast buttons with tactile numbers.  Second Sense recommends this device for recording class lectures.

Wilson Recorder Wilson, Audio Message Recorder

The Wilson is a simple-to-use audio recorder. It features three large tactile buttons to play, record or delete messages. Has up to 12 recording hours with volume control.  Its small size is perfect for your pocket or purse.


Daily Living Aids

Braille Timer Tactile Yellow Timer

This 60-minute mechanical tactile timer features high contrast yellow on black. It has tactile markings indicating 5-minute increments. It comes with a nylon cord and a magnet on back.

Time with high contrast and large face Low Vision Tactile Timer

The low-vision tactile timer had a large 8″ diameter face. The face has tactile bumps for every 5 minutes.  It comes with an attached stand and will ring 15 for seconds. No batteries are required.

Coin purse with coins in separate slots Coin Wallet with Key Holder

Pocket size leather key and coin holder. No more fumbling for the right change. Each coin has its own individual slot that holds up to four coins. There are also multiple key rings for all your keys. Snaps securely shut.

Money-organizing wallet Men’s Wallet

Need to stay organized  with your money? Leather bi-fold men’s wallet has three slots to separate your bills. Both sides have three credit card slots with a pocket beneath.

Braille playing cards Playing Cards: Braille

These playing cards are marked with braille in the upper corner. Plastic coating keeps the braille easy to read!

EZ playing cards Playing Cards: E-Z See Low Vision $3.75
Jumbo playing cards Playing Cards: Jumbo Print

Don’t let low vision stop you from playing cards. These cards offer easy-to-see, large print cards.

Braille Uno cards Playing Cards: UNO Card Game, Braille

UNO playing cards with braille on the left hand corner of each card.

Easy threading sewing needles Sewing Needles

These needles are designed for easy threading. Simply pull the thread down onto the needle head and thread easily slips through the small slit on the top. Pack of 6.

Sock Sorters, Heavy Duty Sock Sorters, Heavy Duty

For thicker socks, these heavy duty sock sorters will keep your socks together. Can be used in both the washer and dryer. 10 per pack.

Round sock sorters grouped together and holding a pair of socks Sock Sorters

Don’t worry about mismatched socks with these sock sorters. These round plastic disks are easy to slip over your socks and are designed to keep a pair of socks together when you do laundry.

Sock Sorters Sock Sorters, Square

Use these sqaure sock sorters to keep lightweight socks together. 20 per pack

Gentleman wearing amber sunshields Sunshields, Assorted Colors (Noir)

These sunshields fit over your glasses and are beneficial both indoors and out. The offer both ultra violet protection and glare control. The shields come in various colors; green, yellow, amber, light gray, and gray. We can help you select the color that will work best for you in any environment.


Electronic Magnification (CCTVs): Desktop Unit

Enhanced Vision: Acrobat, HD LCD 22″ monitor $2495.00
Enhanced Vision: Davinci, HD/OCR PRO 24″ monitor $1,3795.00
Enhanced Vision: Merlin, HD Ultra 20″ monitor $2,895.00

Electronic Magnification (CCTVs): Portable Units

Pebble HD Pebble HD 4.3-Inch Screen

Pebble HD provides a clear, high definition picture. Has a 4.3″ LCD screen. Magnification from 1.25X to 10X. Easy tactile buttons, 28 color modes, freeze frame, and adjustable brightness.  Also has a time clock and calendar.

Pebble Mini Pebble Mini

The Pebble Mini electronic magnifier has large and easy-to-use controls.  The freeze frame allows you to freeze the image on the  and freeze frame. Has 2 to 3 hours of battery usage. Magnification 2X to 10X.

Kitchen Aids

Bakeware Buddy Knife Bakeware Buddy knife

This small serrated knife is safe for anyone to use. Great for cutting and special tasks like decorating cakes.

Large print measuring cups Black measuring cups

Black measuring cups are great for measuring solids in the kitchen.  These offer great color contrast for light food items such as sugar, flour or salt.  Set of 4.

Black measuring spoons

Need to measure some salt? These black spoons will offer great contrast to make your task easier.

Braille measuring cups Braille measuring cups

These offer a unique shape and design including a spout to help control pouring . Features standard braille. Set of 9 cups.

Braille measuring spoons Braille measuring spoons $12.00
Chef N Garlic Zoom (small) $10.00
Palm Vegetable Brush Chef N Palm Brush

Slide your finger through the finger grip and clean all your vegetables.

Chef N Switchit Spoon $10.00
Tower Grater Chef N Tower Multi-Grater

4 in 1 grater offers hand protection, a stable base and a convenient holder for the food. It meets all your grating needs.

Double spatula Double Spatula

This nylon coated double spatula makes gripping and flipping your food easy. 

Tomato Slicer and Knife Jole Tomato Slicer and Knife

For perfectly sliced vegetables, just put them in the clip and run the knife (included) through.  The different slots let you slice thick or thin.

Plastic knife with lettuce Knife, Plastic, Serrated $6.00
Liquid Level Indicator Liquid Level Indicator

Liquid level indicator lets you know when your glass is full. The beep gradually increases as the liquid reaches the top. 9-volt battery included.

Onion Holder Onion Holder Knife Guide

Use this onion guide to cut onions thick or thin. Easy way to cut your onions evenly and safely. 

Orka Oven Mitts Orka Silicone Oven Mitt

This oven mitt is made of silicone rubber to offer great protection from burns. The grip surface keeps slipping to a minimum. The mitt has a terry cloth lining that is easy to wash and comes in a variety of colors to match any kitchen.

Palm peeler Palm Peeler

Slide your finger through the finger grip and peel your vegetables while keeping fingers safe.

Spatula Chef N Spatula

This over-sized spatula gives you a larger surface to make flipping food easier — from pancakes to grilled cheese.  Comes in various colors.

Fresh tomatoes and a corer Sunbeam Tomato Corer

Core tomatoes and apples safely and easy.  

White Measuring Cups White Measuring Cups

High contrast white measuring cups for dark colored solid foods like brown sugar, wild rice and sliced carrots.  The blue markings on the bottom offer easy identification. 

White measuring spoons White measuring spoons $3.50

Labeling Accessories

Braille Labeler Braille Labeler

This braille labeler is perfect for organizing. The dial has the complete alphabet, as well as number signs, commonly used contractions, and punctuation marks in both braille and print. Uses 1/2-inch dymo tape.

Locator Dots Bump dots: Loc-dots

Loc-Dots are raised dots that will help you mark oven controls, house keys, telephones, keyboards, and more.  

Clear large bump dots with keys Bump Dots: Clear, Package of 36

Use for various tactile marking needs — buttons on your microwave, temperature settings on stove and fabric selections on your washing machine. 

Bump Dots: Assorted

Not sure what size or color bump dots will work? Try this assortment of various size and color bump dots. Clear and orange, round or flat. This pack has 100 dots.

Orange Bump Dots with Keys Bump Dots: Orange, Package of 28

Orange bump dots have a high contrast color with a flat top.  Use these for tactile identification of keys, microwave buttons and other household objects.

Roll of Dymo Tape Labels: Dymo Tape, 1/2-Inch, Clear

1/2-inch clear labeling tape. Use in the Braille Labeler or slate to create braille labels.

Clear Laminating Sheets Labels: Clear Laminating Sheets

Clear 8-1/2 x 11 laminating sheet lets you create your own size braille label. Cut to size, braille and peel the backing off to stick anywhere.  Can be used with a brailler or slate. 

Pen Friend PenFriend, Audio Labeler

Use the recordable stickers to leave memos, notes and lists or to mark food items and dates of purchases. 127 labels included . Sets A,B,C,D,E are available.

PenFriend: Audio Labels Refill

Each PenFriend label is uniquely numbered . Additional labels must be purchased in sequence. Set A, B, C,D etc. 381 labels per set.


Large Print Products

Large Print Address Book Address Book

The lines are spaced 1/2 inch apart to provide room for large handwriting and easy reading for people with low vision. This book contains three name listings per page and over 500 total individual entries. Spiral bound.

Large print check register Check Register

Big print check register has bold print and wide spaces for keeping track of your checking account. Each register has about 450 entries.

Large Print Date Book Date Book

Our big print date book has a bold line page before each month for extra space to write down notes. Each month the day boxes are 2″ X 2″ with bold numbers.

Large Print Keyboard Labels Keyboard Labels: Black Letters on White or White Letters on Black

Complete sets of large print keyboard stickers all feature bold print. Black on white or white on black.

Big button cordless phone Telephones: Big Button, Cordless

Serene big button phone has large numbers, lighted keypad and amplification to help with sound control. The talking keypad provides verbal confirmation of numbers being pressed.

Large Print Phone Telephones: Big Button, Standard

Large button phone with high contrast numbers has lots of great features like speaker phone and single digit dial. Available in white or black.

Large Print Wall Calendar Wall Calendar

Our parge print calendar is a favorite.  It features extra-large, easy-to-read print and thick bold lines. Large squares have lots of room for writing and include U.S. holidays. Measures 11″ x 17″ and opens to 22″ x 17″.


Lighting Options

The Larry Light is the size of a pen with LED lighting. Larry Light

The Larry Light is a durable, portable flashlight about the size of a pen with a rotating cap making it easy to direct light into any workspace.  The eight LED bulbs produce 60 lumens of bright white light and the three AAA batteries give you 11 hours of use.  The Larry Light has a secure grip and a magnetic clip for easy handling.

Ott Lamp OTT-LITE: Full-Spectrum Desk Lamp

The Ott-Lite has a multi-position shade that folds up or down for easy adjustment of light. Lamp closes completely when not in use to free up desk space. Easy to turn lamp on or off.

Ott Lite Replacement Bulb OTT-LITE: Replacement Bulb

Replacement Ott-Light bulb. 13-watt electronic tube.


Magnifier: Stand, No Light

Bright Field products: 4x, dome, 76mm diameter

Bright field dome magnifier has a 76mm lens to provide a large viewing surface with maximum light. Just slide across the print while keeping focal distance.

Two sizes of the bright field dome magnifier Bright Field products: 4x, dome, 95mm diameter

Bright field dome magnifier has a 95mm lens to provide a large viewing surface with maximum light. Just slide across the print while keeping focal distance.


Magnifier: Stand, with Light

Power Mag by Schweizer: 3.5X, 4X, 5X, 6X

PowerMag by Schweizer is a high quality LED stand magnifier. We carry 3.5X, 4X, 5X and 6X powers. Uses 3 AA batteries


Magnifiers for Seeing Distance

Specwell 2.75x telescope Specwell: 2.75x, 8mm Objective Lens Telescope

This compact, lightweight, extra-wide angle magnifier has extra-close focusing and distance viewing. May be mounted for hands-free viewing. 2.75X8. Includes carrying case and neck strap.

Specwell 4x telescope Specwell: 4x, 12mm Objective Lens Telescope $150.00
Specwell 6x telescope Specwell: 6x, 16mm Objective Lens Telescope

This compact, lightweight, extra-wide angle magnifier has extra-close focusing and distance viewing. May be mounted for hands-free viewing. 6 x 16.. Includes carrying case and neck strap.

Specwell 8x telescope Specwell: 8x, 20mm Objective Lens Telescope

This compact, lightweight, extra-wide angle magnifier has extra-close focusing and distance viewing. May be mounted for hands-free viewing. 8×20. Includes carrying case and neck strap.


Magnifiers: Handheld, No Light

Coil 3x hand-held magnifier without a light Coil products: 3x

Hi-power hand reader with bi-aspheric lens. 8 Diopters, lens size 81mm

Coil 4x Magnifier Coil: 4x Magnifier

Hi-power hand reader with bi-aspheric lens. 12 Diopters, lens size 80mm

Coil 6x Hand-Held Magnifier without a light Coil Products: 6x

Hi-power hand reader with bi-aspheric lens. 20 Diopters, lens size 50mm.

Donegan 3X Magnifier Donegan Products: 3x Magnifier, Aspheric

Rectangular 3X handheld magnifier with 2″ x 4″ aspheric lens.

Donegan 5x Hand-Held Magnifier Donegan Products: 5x, Aspheric

Round handheld magnifier with 2-1/4″ aspheric lens (60 mm).


Magnifiers: Handheld, with Light

Coil Products: LED Auto-Touch Light

Never forget to turn off the light again. Hold the black area on the handle to activate the light and it will automatically turn off once it is released from your hand. Available in 3.5X, 5X and 7X.

Display of Economical magnifiers Economical Magnifiers: LED

Economical LED magnifier with good quality aspheric lens. Comes with a pouch for carrying in pocket or purse.  Available in 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 10x, 12x and 14x.

Display of Eschenbach Magno magnifiers Eschenbach Magno LED

Superior quality aspheric lens by the Eschenbach economical line. The LED light is helpful for all your reading tasks. Available in 3.5x, 4x, 5x, 7x and 10x. Uses two AA batteries.

Display of slide magnifiers Slide Magnifiers

Great multiple power LED pocket magnifier. Slide out the magnifier from the protective case and it becomes a handle. LED light turns on automatically. No tricky on/off switch. Good optics, good light and lightweight.  Available in 3.5x, 5x, 8x and 10x.


Magnifiers: Pocket, No Light

Bausch and Lomb 5x Aspheric pocket magnifier Bausch & Lomb: 5x, aspheric

A self-protected, good quality 5X aspheric lens. Magnifier pulls out of a plastic shell and doubles as a handle. Fits easily into your pocket.

Donegan Pocket 5x5x5 magnifier Donegan: 15x (5x+5x+5x)

Triple-folding pocket magnifier with 5X, 10X and 15X swing out lenses.

Eschenbach: 6x with Case

Talking Products

Big Number Talking Calculator Calculators: Big Number

Eight digit talking calculator features an automatic power shutoff to conserve battery. Clear male voice.

Talking Calculator with ear buds Calculators: Big Numbers and Display/Earbuds

This 10-digit calculator has large keys and high-contrast numbers. Features also include repeat function, clock and alarm. Reports results with male voice in either units or digits. Earphone jack and earbuds offer privacy.

Calculators: Pocket

This 8-digit pocket-sized talking calculator with volume control is perfect for carrying in pocket or purse. Dark blue buttons on a black background.

NFB Cube Clock Clocks: Cube

NFB favorite talking cube clock, has a female voice and speaks while it is being set. Has a volume setting and a hourly announce function. Very dependable

Curve Face Clock Clocks: Curve Face

Easy-to-use talking clock with LCD display. Large button announces time.  Mode function speaks all functions. Volume setting switch.

Talking Keychain clock Clocks: Key Chain

Alarm clock on a key chain that displays and announces the time. All mode functions speak. Large push button for easy time announcement.

Riezen atomic desk clock Clocks: Riezen Atomic Desk Clock

This talking atomic clock sets itself and resets itself for Daylight Savings time. With a clear female voice that guides you through set up. LCD screen with large numbers for the time, date, and day. This clock also speaks date and time of day.

RNIB Cube Clock Clocks: RNIB Cube

Talking alarm clock speaks in male voice with adjustable volume control. Easy-to-set time and alarm functions and setting buttons are covered when not in use. Large push button for time announcement.

I Bill Money Identifiers : I-Bill

This currency identifier reads all US denominations from $1 to $100. Can announce verbally, by tone or vibration. Earphone jack for privacy.

Talking Scale Scale

This talking body weight scale speaks the output in pounds or kilograms. Accurate and dependable.

Talking blood pressure monitor Talking Blood Pressure Monitor $100.00


Men's and women's gold-tone braille watch Montiel Braille Watch: Gold Tone

Swiss made, gold tone, quartz braille wrist watch is very dependable. Watch opens at the 6 o’clock position and has two raised dots at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock hours. Available for men and women.

Montiel Braille Watch: Silver

Swiss made, silver tone, quartz braille wrist watch is very dependable. Watch opens at the 6 o’clock position and has two raised dots at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock hours. Available for men and women.

Atomic Talking Watch Talking Watch: Atomic

No need to set this talking atomic watch, as it sets itself. The watch features a male voice that announces the date and time and has a daily alarm. Numbers are black with white face. This watch has a good battery life.

Gold-tone Talking Watch Talking Watch: Deluxe, Expandable Bracelet

Talking wrist watch with expandable band offers a choice of male or female voice. White face with black numbers and hands. Watch features time, date, alarm and hourly announce functions. Gold or silver tone.

Talking Watch Talking Watch: Plastic, English or Spanish

Basic talking watch announces the time in a clear voice. Watch has an easy-to-use dial to set the hour, minute and alarm. Comes in a sleep mode for battery freshness.


White Canes & Accessories

NFB Cane Tip Cane Tips: NFB Tip

Stainless steel glide tip for use with NFB-type canes.

Jumbo roller ball tip Cane Tips: Slip-On Jumbo Roller Ball

This large, white ball, slip-on tip is made of durable nylon and is lightweight. Ideal for use with the constant contact mobility technique and easily handles many obstacles and pavement cracks.

Jumbo Roller Tip Cane Tips: Slip-On Jumbo Roller

Rolling wheel slip-on cane tip provides greater sensitivity and more visibility. Durable and lightweight, it easily handles most obstacles and pavement cracks.

Slip on Roller Tip for Revolution Cane Cane Tips: Slip-On Roller (Revolution)

Use this roller tip with any Revolution cane for smoother mobility. This slip-on marshmallow-type tip rolls effortlessly in any direction.

Slip-on standard roller tip from Ambutech Cane Tips: Slip-On Standard Roller $10.00
Slip-on teardrop cane tip Cane Tips: Slip-On Teardrop (Revolution)

Teardrop tip for the Revolution folding cane is helpful for grates on sidewalks.

Revolution Cane White Cane: Folding Revolution, Aluminum

This aluminum cane from Revolution is a five-section, heavier folding cane with golf grip, wrist loop and replaceable tip.

White Cane: Folding Revolution, Graphite

Revolution’s Graphite cane is a five section lightweight folding cane with golf grip, wrist loop and replaceable tip.

White Cane: Identification

Lightweight, 5-section folding cane is used to help identify people with low vision who may not yet need mobility.  Comes in 44″ length.

Support Cane Support Cane, Adjustable

This support cane provides users with comfort and support. Cane is white aluminum with a bright red shaft that adjusts from 29” to 37.” Comes with synthetic rubber tip.


Writing Accessories

Braille Paper: 100-sheet pack

Manila braille transcribing three-hole punch paper is heavyweight for use with slates and braille writers.  8-1/2″ x 11″.

Braille paper: Ream (500 sheets)

Manila braille transcribing three-hole punch paper is heavyweight for use with slates and braille writers.  8-1/2″ x 11″.

Free Matter Stamp “Free Matter” Stamps: Self-Inking Stamp

This free matter for the blind stamp is self-inking and easy to refill. No more dry ink pads!

Pens: Boldwriter 20

This felt tip pen creates bold, easy-to-read, highly visible lines. The ink doesn’t bleed through paper. Perfect for writing lists and notes. Works well with wide-lined paper and writing guides.

PaperMate Flair Pen Pens: PaperMate Flair, Medium Point $2.00
Single line slate with stylus Slates: 1-Line, 25-Cell, Metal

This slate is great for labeling all types of products. Use 1/2′ dymo tape to label DVDs, CDs, file folders and much more.

Metal slate with 4 lines Slates: 4-Line, 27-Cell, Metal

Metal pocket slate features 4 lines with 27 cells.

Plastic, 4-line slate with stylus Slates: 4-Line, 28-Cell, Plastic

Plastic braille slate is very sturdy with 4 lines and 28 cells.

Mushroom Stylus Stylus, mushroom

This standard, wood handled braille stylus is a great tool for creating braille writing.

User is writing on wide-lined paper with a 20/20 pen Wide-Line Paper: 100 sheets

100 sheets of single-sided pages of bold lined paper. The paper is standard 8-1/2 by 11 inches with lines set 3/4 inch apart so you can easily write with a 20/20 pen. Great for shopping lists, phone messages or any other writing task.

Coil-bound wide-lined paper Wide-line paper: Coil bound tablet

This coil tablet has 70 single-sided pages of bold lined paper. The paper is standard 8-1/2 by 11 inches with lines set 3/4 inch apart so you can easily write with a 20/20 pen. The cover is white for easy personalization. Ideal for low vision users.

Writing guides: Check guide, standard size, nylon $2.50
Writing guides: Check guide, standard size, plastic

Thin, durable plastic writing guide that fits standard size checks. Offers guides to fill in your check independently and conveniently fits in your checkbook.

Nylon writing guide for envelopes Writing guides: Envelope guide, nylon $2.50
Check Writing Guide Writing Guides: Hinged Check Writing Guide

This hinged check-writing guide fits a standard size check. The hinge holds your check in place while filling out all sections.

Envelope Writing Guide Writing Guides: Hinged Envelope Guide

This hinged business envelope guide fits #10 envelopes and holds your envelope in place.

Hinged Letter Writing Guide Writing Guides: Hinged Letter Guide

Hinged full-page letter guide fits standard letter-size paper. Hinge holds your paper in place.

Writing guides: Hinged stationary guide

This hinged guide fits small, letter-sized stationery. It measures six by eight inches. Holds stationery in place while use and offers guides to keep writing in straight lines.

Using a 20/20 pen with a letter-writing guide Writing Guides: Letter Writing Guide, nylon

The full page letter guide fits standard 8-1/2 by 11 inch paper. It will holds your paper in place and provides guides for writing in straight lines. Ideal for notes, shopping lists and other common writing tasks.

Signature Guide Writing guides: Signature Guide, nylon

Sign a receipt or any other items independently.  This signature guides is made from durable plastic, lightweight and easy to carry in your purse or pocket.