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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

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Daily Living Aids

Keychain clock is a small oval fob attached to key ring. It is white with one large button to activate the time announcement. Clocks: Key Chain

Alarm clock on a key chain that displays and announces the time. All mode functions speak. Large push button for easy time announcement.

The Larry Light is the size of a pen with LED lighting. Larry Light

The Larry Light is a durable, portable flashlight about the size of a pen. It has a  with a rotating cap making it easy to direct light into any workspace.  The eight LED bulbs produce 60 lumens of bright white light. Three AAA batteries give you 11 hours of use.  The Larry Light has a secure grip and a magnetic clip for easy handling.

Liquid Level Indicator Liquid Level Indicator

Liquid level indicator lets you know when your glass is full. Simply turn on and hand on the end of a cup, pitcher or other item. The beep gradually increases as the liquid reaches the top. 9-volt battery included.

Braille playing cards Playing Cards: Braille

These playing cards have braille in the upper corner. Plastic coating keeps the braille easy to read!

EZ playing cards Playing Cards: E-Z See Low Vision

These cards are great for the low vision player. High contrast colors help identify each card and suit.

Jumbo playing cards Playing Cards: Jumbo Print

Don’t let low vision stop you from playing cards. These cards offer easy-to-see, large print in high contrast colors.

Braille Uno cards Playing Cards: UNO Card Game, Braille

Enjoy the fun game of UNO with family or friends! UNO playing cards with braille on the left hand corner of each card.

Gentleman wearing amber sunshields Sunshields, Assorted Colors (Noir)

These sunshields fit over your glasses and are beneficial both indoors and out. They offer both ultra violet protection and glare control. Second Sense carries these shields in three colors: yellow, amber and gray. We can help you select the color that will work best for you in every environment.


Labeling Accessories

Locator Dots Bump dots: Loc-dots

Loc-Dots provide tactile identification. The raised dots are small and clear. They easily peel from their backing and stick to most surfaces. Mark oven controls, house keys, telephones, keyboards, and more.  They come in a package of 6 dots.

Clear medium bump dot with keys Bump Dots: Clear, Package of 20

You can use these clear tactile dots for various marking needs. Just peel and stick to most flat surfaces.  Use to identify buttons on your microwave, temperature settings on stove or fabric selections on your washing machine. Available in small and medium size dots.

Round, flat, black bump dot on a key Bump Dots: Black Package of 25

Black bump dots offer additional contrast. Available in both round and flat.

Orange Bump Dots with Keys Bump Dots: Orange, Package of 25

Orange bump dots have a high contrast color. They are available in flat and rounded tops.  You can easily peel the dots from their backing and stick anywhere. Use these for tactile identification of keys, microwave buttons and other household objects.

Roll of Dymo Tape Labels: Dymo Tape, 1/2-Inch, Clear

Create labels for CDs, food containers, file folders or other items.  You can use this 1/2-inch clear labeling tape in the Braille Labeler or slate.


Large Print Products

Large Print Address Book Address Book

This spiral-bound book contains three name listings per page. The book will hold over 500 individual entries.  The lines are 1/2 inch apart. Plenty of room for large handwriting and easy reading for people with low vision.

Large print check register Check Register

Large print check register has bold print and wide spaces for keeping track of your checking account. Each register has about 450 entries.

Partial view of the date book Date Book

Our large print date book has a bold lined page before each month for extra space to write down notes. Each month the day boxes are 2″ X 2″ with bold numbers. Coil bound and lies flat for easy writing.

Upper half of the wall calendar Wall Calendar

Our large print calendar is a favorite.  It features extra-large, easy-to-read print and thick bold lines. Large squares for each day have lots of room for writing and include U.S. holidays. Measures 11″ x 17″ when closed and opens to 22″ x 17″. Coil bound and lies or hangs flat.



Display of Economical magnifiers Economical Magnifiers: LED

Economical LED magnifier with good quality aspheric lens. Comes with a pouch for carrying in pocket or purse.  Available in 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x. Will place special orders for 10x, 12x and 14x.

Display of Eschenbach Magno magnifiers Eschenbach Magno LED

Superior quality aspheric lens by the Eschenbach economical line. The LED light is helpful for all your reading tasks. Available in 3.5x, 4x, 5x, 7x and 10x. Uses two AA batteries.


White Canes & Accessories

NFB Cane Tip Cane Tips: NFB Tip

Stainless steel glide tip for use with NFB-type canes.

Jumbo Roller Ball on cane. Cane Tips: Slip-On Jumbo Roller Ball

This large, white ball, slip-on tip is made of durable nylon and is lightweight. Ideal for use with the constant contact mobility technique and easily handles many obstacles and pavement cracks.

Jumbo roller is shown on a cane. Cane Tips: Slip-On Jumbo Roller

Rolling wheel slip-on cane tip provides greater sensitivity. Durable and lightweight, it easily handles most obstacles and pavement cracks.

Revolution marshmallow tip shown on a cane and alone. Cane Tips: Slip-On Marshmallow (Revolution)

Use this roller tip with any Revolution cane for smoother mobility. This slip-on marshmallow-shaped tip rolls effortlessly in any direction.

Teardrop cane tip shown on a cane and alone. Cane Tips: Slip-On Teardrop Tip (Revolution)

Similar to a marshmallow tip, but with a more rounded end and shaped like a teardrop.

Revolution cane shown folded in sections. White Cane: Folding Revolution, Graphite

Revolution’s graphite cane is a five-section lightweight folding cane. It has a golf grip, wrist loop and replaceable tip. Sizes 48-60 inches.

ID cane shown folded in sections. White Cane: Identification

You can easily carry this lightweight, 5-section folding cane. Use it so others know you have low vision. Do not use this to replace a mobility cane.  Comes in 44″ length.


Writing Accessories

A single sheet of braille paper. Braille Paper: 250-sheet pack

Manila braille transcribing three-hole punch paper is heavyweight for use with slates and braille writers.  8-1/2″ x 11.”

Bold tip pen with sample of writing Pens: Bold Tip, medium point

This felt tip pen creates bold, easy-to-read, highly visible lines. The ink doesn’t bleed through paper. Perfect for writing lists and notes. Works well with wide-lined paper and writing guides.

PaperMate Flair Pen Pens: PaperMate Flair, Medium Point

A pen that writes with a thicker line for easier reading.

Single line slate with stylus Slates: 1-Line, 25-Cell, Metal

This slate is great for labeling all types of products. Use 1/2 inch dymo tape to label DVDs, CDs, file folders and much more.

Plastic, 4-line slate with stylus Slates: 4-Line, 28-Cell, Plastic

Plastic braille slate is very sturdy with 4 lines and 28 cells.

Mushroom Stylus Stylus, mushroom

This standard, wood handled braille stylus is a great tool for creating braille writing.

User is writing on wide-lined paper with a 20/20 pen Wide-lined Paper: 100 sheets

100 sheets of single-sided pages of bold lined paper. The paper is  8-1/2 by 11 inches with lines 3/4 inch apart. So you can easily write with a bold line pen. Great for shopping lists, phone messages or any other writing task.

Check Writing Guide Writing Guides: Hinged Check Writing Guide

This hinged check-writing guide fits a standard size check. The hinge holds your check in place while filling out all sections.

Envelope Writing Guide Writing Guides: Hinged Envelope Guide

This hinged business envelope guide fits #10 envelopes and holds your envelope in place.

Hinged Letter Writing Guide Writing Guides: Hinged Letter Guide

Hinged full-page letter guide fits standard letter-size paper. Hinge holds your paper in place.

Writing guides: Hinged stationary guide

This hinged guide fits small, letter-sized stationery. It measures six by eight inches. Holds stationery in place while use and offers guides to keep writing in straight lines.