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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Charles Blackwell

The pieces I submitted to Second Sense are a reflection of various subject matters which are interpreted through visual art.

‘Riding Route 66 to Barstow California 1961’ is where I reflected back to the many trips I would take with family across the country and riding through the blazin de sort.

The ambience of Chicago is reflected in ‘Downtown Chicago L Train Station’, once again, places I’ve visited even after becoming blind.

‘As Seen From Top Of Symphony Dance In Exhortation’ and ‘Wa-tu Day dance far from the fire’ . These connect to cultural expressions of dance and art. I am trying to capture the African and the Afro American Rhythm, color and movement.

To give life, an enthusiasm of joy.

Now the world feels so dead beat with everyone punching buttons on cell phones or whatever until what is inspiring.

I use loud colors trying to create movement, and I’ve been told, electrifying movement.

The musician at work, the symphony conductor, wth arm and dancer atop a ladder, all to break away from the stiff society in which we reside.

Not that we are to adopt all of other cultures but maybe they offer something we could use or need, the colorful mask which provokes or quiets the spirit.

Art which can tickle our soul.

As Seen from Top of Symphony Dance in Exhortation

Downtown Chicago L Train Station by Charles Blackwell

Riding on Route 66 Barstow CA 1961

Wa-Tu-Day Dance Far from Fire