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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Virginia Knepper Doyle

After graduating from the University of California in Berkeley  (1955) with a BA in English and Psychology, and working at the “Harvard Business Review” as an Editorial Assistant, I began a life as a Foreign Service wife which led me to  live in Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Switzerland and France, as well as Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and Stanford, CA

While raising two sons and working as a diplomat’s wife, I began taking art classes where we were living.  I studied painting in Mexico and Uruguay, drawing and print-making in Switzerland and France, and color and design in Massachusetts and Washington, DC.  I loved to change my images and explore new ways of expressing myself, which I continue to do today as my vision changes.  I am legally blind, with macular degeneration, and feel that it is a great adventure to explore new ways of creating my art.

In past exhibits with Passionate Focus I have exhibited paintings, collages and prints.  I am now focusing on mixed media using photographyand oil pastel.  I have used this technique in “A Child’s Adventure,” a painting I recently completed of my 2-year-old great grandson.

A Child's Adventure