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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Rose Kamma Morrison

My art is key to open doors for others to see my secret garden. I have taken many classes that were available to me through school and college years, studied mostly in textiles and fine arts.

Now a seasoned artist, I like to try new techniques by participating in pop up classes exploring my inner vision to outer reality. Using pen, watercolour, acrylic, alcohol ink and photography, it influences me to bring out my experiences and fantasies. I love how art is adapting, my creations are ever evolving – it shows me that though I am nearing complete blindness, my mind’s eye leads my hand to create in ways I never thought possible. Living with deaf-blindness is not an easy journey, so I hope my expressions bring you positivity and beauty, that in itself makes my journey easier. Welcome to my garden.

My horizon is broader than my tunnel vision.

Anna's Peonies

Whispering Birches