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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Constance Avery

Constance Avery is a formally trained artist who is both hearing impaired and legally blind.

Painting full-time for the last seven years, using acrylic ink and other mediums to explore and create new styles of painting helps to show her journey into the limited field of vision.

Constance says the restrictions of tunnel vision creates a desire to explore even the smallest details of nature up close The cell phone/tablet helps to examine and accentuate every part of the image and create different views of nature.

In the last two years, Constance has turned her art explorations to photography and pottery. She has returned to the pottery medium for the tactile joy of working with clay. Constance uses the images from photography and paintings to translate into images and to create pottery tiles by using carving techniques and painting glazes to create nature and abstraction.

After Piet Mondrian

Cobblestone Park #2

The Cool Breeze of the Woods