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Passionate Focus 2017

A group of rocks in the foreground lay at the bend of a frozen river winding toward the background between two snow-covered mountains.

Annie Hesse

  1. Columbia Icefields (SOLD)
  2. Ocotillo
A colorful desert scene showing a blue road lined by green cacti winding through a red desert toward a purple mountain.

Barbara Romain

  1. Red Desert
  2. River Reverie
A mass of colors form the image of a lone saxophone player.

Charles Blackwell

  1. See and Hear the Strong Saxophone (SOLD)
  2. In the Distance and Now Here Close Up
This painting shows a sleepy little town along the bank of a river.

Carol Sue Henry

  1. Siesta Time (SOLD)
An abstract image of reds, white, blue and green that resembles a bouquet of flowers

Connie Avery

  1. Aborem Spem #4
  2. The Great Salmon Run (SOLD)
  3. Rhapsody in Bloom
A river washed in various shades of reds and yellows reflecting the sky at sunset

Doris T. Mott

  1. Sunset on the River (SOLD)
A group of abandoned vehicles commune in a field

Frank Valliere

  1. Oh Canada
  2. Off Broadway Boogie Woogie -- Judi Jasek Award First Place
  3. Shady Grove
Strands of paint in various colors blossom from the center of the canvas to the edges with a group of glass beads in the center.

Irina Mateyunas

  1. Fantasy
Yellow lab laying down and looking up at the camera

Kurt Weston

  1. Let Me Eat Cake (SOLD)
A painting of a small hut in the Phillippines with a flock of chickens in the yard

Leticia de Guzman

  1. Philippine Nipa Hut (SOLD)
A scarf woven in multiple shades of blues, greens and purple.

Linn Sorge

  1. Hand-Woven Bag Big Enough for Braille
  2. Maples in the Autumn Twill Gamp Wall Hanging
  3. Three Tencel Variations with Interludes
A glossy ceramic bowl with a blue bottom that transitions to ecru at the rim, topped with ecru woven fibers in an undulating pattern

Martha Cowden

  1. Mid Evening (SOLD)
  2. Slits
A field of sunflowers with one flower towering over the others.

Nora Devane

  1. Above the Crowd -- Judi Jasek Award Third Place (SOLD)
  2. Red Sky at Night (SOLD)
  3. Sunset Wish (SOLD)
Grey sticks are bent in a circular sculpture encased in greay and red fiber.

Passle Helminski

  1. Dot Com
  2. OH!
  3. OM (SOLD)
Three wolves cross the bottom of the canvas with the Northern Lights in the sky above.

Paula Haltaman

  1. Trio of Wolves (SOLD)
A black and white photo depicting a ramshackle wooden canopy protecting a single chair in the woods with leaves covering the ground.

Rose Kamma Sarkany

  1. Hombre el un Tunel
  2. Pocketful of Stars
  3. Waiting for a Cure (SOLD)
An abstract image that becomes the front end of a motorcycle upon closer inspection,

Rosemarie Fortney

  1. Biker (SOLD)
A red bicycle with two square wheels

Sam Smith

  1. Making the Same Mistake Twice (SOLD)
  2. Nothing to Fight Over (SOLD)
With their backs to the viewer, a father and daughter sit on a bench sharing conversation and view of a group of trees

Stella DeGenova

  1. Bird's Eye View
  2. Father and Daughter: Sharing Ideas -- Judi Jasek Award Second Place (SOLD)
  3. First Show - Chicago Sidestreet (SOLD)
An arch of stone in the foreground leads to tall piles of rocks in the background -- all done in shades of reds, yellows and browns.

Susan Joy Gustafson

  1. Arches (SOLD)
Rendered in a style reminiscent of impression, a mountain dominates this piece.

Virginia Knepper Doyle

  1. Morning on Mt. Tam (SOLD)