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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Charles Blackwell

“I make art to be an encouragement and inspiration to myself and others.  I love when I can inspire others to live and to discover wonder in themselves.”

Charles is from San Francisco and currently lives in Oakland, California.  He has been an artist since he was a young child and loves the process of creating art.  Charles studied at Sacramento City College, where he learned from inspiring teachers and became very interested in conceptual art and film.  As a young man, he was involved in an accident that caused him to lose the majority of his eyesight, keeping only some peripheral vision.

Charles continues to be a believer in the phrase, “take your challenges and make them as asset,” as he finds that the loss of his vision has opened him up to an entirely new style, freedom, and way of working as an artist that he may never have known without this experience.  He has won numberous service awards for his volunteer work and advocacy for the arts and is the author of three books: Redemption Beyond Blindness; Fiery Response to Love’s Calling; and Is, the Color of Mississippi Mud.  It is his hope to inspire as many people as he can by sharing his art.

See and Hear the Strong Saxophone

In the Distance and Now Here Close Up