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Passionate Focus 2019

The view of rooftops from above, with an intricately pattern roof taking center stage.

Annie Hesse

  1. Dijon, France
  2. Tower View
Words and phrases about bad luck are written like layers of graffiti over a blue background

Barbara Romain

  1. Born Under a Bad Sign
  2. Chatter
A collage of colorful paper, beads and buttons form a vase of flowers.

Camille Jassny

  1. Feeling Vibrant
  2. Forever in Bloom (2)
A trail runs past a pond surrounded by trees.

Carol Sue Henry

  1. Nature Trail
A jazz ensemble drawn with strong black outlines and a riot of colors.

Charles Blackwell

  1. C Minor, F Sharp and a Horn Player That's Gone Home with the Entire Composition
  2. Lonely Woman Riding on an Oakland Bus
  3. Western Influence in the West
A scene of trees growing amidst a cobblestone path. The work was created on pottery, which was cut into tiles and reassembled.

Constance Avery

  1. Cobblestone Park
  2. Indian Summer
The sun sits high over a desert road.

Doris Mott

  1. High Noon
  2. Tranquility
A grouping of large rocks just out of a lake and are surrounded by a copse of trees.

Frank Valliere

  1. One the Rocks
A waterfall cascades down the center of a rugged cliff dotted with greenery.

Hamilton Eugene Byrd

  1. Baby Tooth Falls
  2. Pink Flowers of Love
A field of swaying yellow grass take up the foreground, with a forest of pines towering the back.

Julie Bruno

  1. Hunterdon Field, Meeting the Pines
This is one of Kurt's photos of micro textural landscapes that he re-contextualizes them to represent various aspects of the human eye and related diseases

Kurt Weston

  1. Less than 20/200
  2. Macular Degeneration
  3. Retinitis Pigmentosa
Row upon row of rounded hills dominate this painting.

Letty de Guzman

  1. Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Phillippines
Thunderous clouds fill the sky and are reflected in the lake.

Nora Devane

  1. Reflections
  2. Stormy Night
A vase covered in cream suede and decorated with cascading suede strips and reeds.

Passle Helminski

  1. Cream
  2. White
A drawing of an intricately balanced pile of rocks.

Rose Kamma Morrison

  1. Dead Man Floating (Glacier National Park, Alaska)
  2. Peggy's Cover, Nova Scotia
  3. Praesentia (Being in the Present)
Bursts of color -- turquoise, pink and celadon --fill the image.

Rosemarie Fortney

  1. Meteors
  2. Taking Flight
Made of clay and painted a rich black, this is an elegant Mercedes.

Russell Schermer

  1. 1938 Mercedes
  2. 1948 Jaguar
  3. 1955 BMW
Sam's work is a playful take on common phrases. This image shows a man holding a burger over his head and out of the reach of a dog.

Sam Smith

  1. Out of Harm's Way
  2. Serving Bird
A man plays the accordion as a woman dances in an Italian piazza.

Stella De Genova

  1. Amalfi Coast
  2. Living Ghosts: Navajo Artisans, Santa Fe, NM
  3. Tarantella on the Piazza
A whimsical rendering of a native Hawaiian flower in coral against a green background.

Susan Joy Gustafson

  1. Hula (Dance)
  2. Mana'olana (Hope)
A girl dressed all in white stands holding a balloon against a green background.

Virginia Knepper Doyle

  1. Girl in White (self-portrait)
  2. Mille Miglie: 1955 Austin-Healey 100S (1)
A sculpture of a child's head, with her eyes closed.

Yvonne Shortt

  1. Child: Waking Blind