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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Camille Jassny

“I have been visually impaired and struggled with eye diseases since age 5. I lost my sight completely in 2009, but never lost my love for creative art.
I was determined to find a way to follow my passion and stay involved in the community, so I researched how I could remain in the art world and took classes on collage and painting.

I have always been a very detailed person and in my mind I can visualize what I want to create. From that starting point, I began making tactile art full of texture for people to see not just with their eyes but also their hands.

In addition to collages and paintings, I also love making beautiful flowers out of unique buttons and copper wire called Button Buds, which I turn into bouquets, bookmarks, napkin rings and pins, then sell at local art shows and on my website.

Being able to make these pieces of art gives me great joy and I hope it brings joy to others as well.”

Feeling Vibrant

Forever in Bloom (2)