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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Rose Kamma Morrison

“Diagnosed at 16 with Usher syndrome has taught me to look, feel and create. I have an interest in all things outdoors. I am happiest when enjoying the experience of running, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, skiing, kayaking and traveling.

Living on the West Coast of Canada, the mountains, byways, forest, ocean and lakes have become my playground. When away from these outdoor pursuits, I lose myself in the world of my arts, using watercolor, pencil, ink and photography.

During my school years, I took advantage of all art classes becoming familiar with different mediums and later took art courses at a local college. I refuse to allow Usher syndrome to define me; I would rather express beauty in my art, this is how I view my world.

Before retiring, I was an Interior Decorator/Paint Consultant. My greatest achievement is raising my beautiful daughter, Emily. I am with a wonderful man, Chris Morrison, he is the pillar of my strength and supports me in all things I do. He taught me all things are possible. My love and friend.
I am always thankful of my mother who refused to believe that I should be in a institution. It is because of her I flourished, and because of my dad, I have the passion for the outdoors,sports and sense of adventure. All these people are the reason of who I am today.”

Dead Man Floating (Glacier National Park, Alaska)

Peggy's Cover, Nova Scotia

Praesentia (Being in the Present)