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Passionate Focus 2016

Amber Miller

  1. Blessed Forest
  2. Starlight
Image of an old statue appearing in black and white

Angela Geis

  1. Contact
  2. Until Death
Image of a village with white brick homes

Carol Sue Henry

  1. Winter Village (SOLD)
Photo of Mirror Lake in Wyoming, reflecting the blue sky and clouds

Annie Hesse

  1. Mirror Lake, Wyoming (SOLD)
  2. Pirogue, Cambodia
  3. Siem Reap, Cambodia
Painting of a garden leading up to a house

Barbara Romain

  1. Not a Blue Dog
  2. Where I live it's Spring
Kitchen Shelf with red apples and clay pottery

Bill Crysler

  1. Old Kitchen Shelf (SOLD)
An abstract portrait of a man in different colors

Charles Blackwell

  1. In the Alleyway, San Francisco (SOLD)
  2. The King's 19th cousin (SOLD)
Muted tones red, pink and blush in a pattern resembling stained glass

Constance Avery

  1. At Forest's Edge (SOLD)
  2. Hallelujah
  3. Poppies in Spring
Painting of the Grand Tetons National Park

Doris Mott

  1. Grand Tetons (SOLD)
Painting of a classic car appearing to be in a Park

Frank Valliere

  1. Ringer Park
  2. Two Grey Rooms
Cabin in the woods with four yellow windows

Julie Bruno

  1. Ruins at NVF
  2. Thaddeus' Cabin (SOLD)
Image of a man's face with a 6 cover one eye

Kurt Weston

  1. Limited Vision
  2. Sixth Sense (SOLD)
Colorful textile wall hanging

Linn Sorge

  1. Autumnal Rainbow: Twill Wall Hanging
Pink- Fiber coiling

Martha Cowden

  1. To the Right
Storm approaching the badlands

Nora Devane

  1. Storm a Brewing (SOLD)
  2. Storm in the Badlands (SOLD)
Image of a globe wrapped in cords

Passle Helminski

  1. Beast of War
  2. Riding
Gray/stormy clouds appearing above the blue ocean

Paula Haltaman

  1. Brewing Storm (SOLD)
Watercolor painting of underwater corals

Rosemarie Fortney

  1. Blossoms and Stems (SOLD)
  2. Undersea Coral (SOLD)
Clay model of a 1957 Chevy Impala

Russell Schermer

  1. 1931 Ford Pickup (SOLD)
  2. 1949 Cadillac (SOLD)
  3. 1958 Chevy Impala (SOLD)
  4. 1961 Desoto (SOLD)
Family portrait with a pet- all with price tags on them

Sam Smith

  1. Everyone's Got a Price (SOLD)
  2. Running Risks (SOLD)
Image of the Northern Arch of the Grand Canyon

Stella De Genova

  1. Calalillies
  2. Grand Canyon, Northern Arch
  3. Walk Along the Shore (SOLD)
Painting of Molokai Island

Susan Joy Gustafson

  1. Enchantment
  2. Molokai Mural (SOLD)
Image of a woman carrying books in the woods with a squirrel & a fox appearing in the woods as well

Virginia Doyle

  1. Girl with Shawl
  2. Into the Woods with Books