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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Stella De Genova

More than 80% of what I see in the physical world ranges from muted colors to black, and I have a minimal field of vision and what I do see is blurry.  As the light of day or the light in a room dims, so does the amount of my already diminishing vision.  Working on a painting and having a visual impairment can at times be frustrating but it has become liberating for me.  I always want the piece to be aesthetically pleasing but if the underpainting isn’t perfect or the colors aren’t exact, I feel that it can add to the personality of the painting.  Perspective and colors may change because of what my eyes see.  Ultimately, this makes my style looser and more expressive.

I work with pastels for richness and brightness, and sometimes watercolors for more softness.  I have discovered that value matters more than an exact hue.  My compositions could consist of references to nature or people or even a still life but whatever it is, I try to play with color and light.

I have always had a love for art: before, during and after my continuous loss of vision.  It is my means of communication, self-worth and self-therapy.  I could not ask myself why make art but rather how could I not?




Grand Canyon, Northern Arch

Walk Along the Shore