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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Nora Devane

I am a visually impaired photographer.  From my earliest memories I have loved photography. Whether it was capturing memories of family times or just something that piqued my interest, I clicked away. Sixteen years ago I went to see my eye doctor because my photographs were “blurry” and I did not know why.  They looked “clear” to me.  I was diagnosed with RP (retinitis pigmentosa) a degenerative, genetic eye disease.

Dealing with RP and its progression has made me want to capture more and more of the beauty around me, before I can no longer “see”.

After my children were grown, I developed a more serious interest in learning about photography.  I learned from family members who were professional and bought many books to teach myself the ins and outs of manual cameras.

Now with the wonderful world of digital, I can capture, edit and enjoy these moments much more quickly and efficiently than film camera work.

Being a visually impaired photographer I also find solace while capturing the beauty that surrounds us.  When I am out in the field, I let the world slide away and my camera takes me to a place where I feel whole and invigorated.  I feel that looking at and appreciating nature has a very calming effect and positive healing vibes.  I hope others also find healing and solace through my work.


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