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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Frank Valliere

While I do many things in spite of my low vision, I feel that my art is a by-product of it.  Order, Placement and Detail are necessary components in my work as well as in my everyday life.  Art should extend beyond the frame and into the 3-dimensional environment.  Interior colors are carefully chosen and objects are arranged for optimum viewing pleasure.  Outside the house is equally important.  A sense of overall design must always be considered when addressing egress, planting, and season maintenance.  My studio is everywhere I am.

The bulk of my private work deals with a lifelong interest in the rural landscape. I am taken in by the different atmospheres, the random patterns and colors. Old buildings, vehicles, and other objects of human existence left to the environment seem to be telling their stories: where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and what they are doing now, as they settle in for the long haul, taking on more and more the character of their surroundings- the harsh, beautiful truth.

Ringer Park

Two Grey Rooms