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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Julie Bruno

For me, art is as much an exercise in using my brain as it is my paintbrushes, or tools.  I see the details and notice lots of little things around me.  When I think about the various styles of art, my heart wants me to fit into one style but my vision, brain and practicality dictate alternate styles.  Trying to reconcile these, and make things work cohesively, make me think.  My artistic expressions are a mix of head and heart.

I work predominately in acrylics and watercolor.  I am compelled to paint historic buildings (and preserve their architectural details).  I appreciate the simple things in life and simple, precisionist style art.

As my vision deteriorates, it just motivates me to try harder to get eh images I see to appear on paper.  This has forced me to work small.  I always tell people that what a person can do is more important than what they can’t do, or how they get to the end goal.  Being a blind anything is about the power of one’s mind and doing what others think is not possible by learning to adapt.  I am up for the challenge.

Ruins at NVF

Thaddeus' Cabin