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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Kurt Weston

As a legally blind photographer, I have overcome the barriers, obstacles and challenges of producing and exhibiting my art.  My limited visual acuity permits me to see the world like an impressionist painting.  I experiment with enhanced photographic views and perspectives, generating surreal representations of my sight loss.


Weston trends toward bending photographic parameters and enjoys experimenting with alternative image capture.  For his Blind Vision series of self-portraits he utilized a scanner as camera.  Weston feels the extremely shallow depth of field and start black backgrounds are a perfect way to represent his visual impairment.  With the scanner there is no space between capture device and subject, no intervening air, no subterfuge.  Instead, the amplified details of flesh and objects are emphasized through the direct contact with the scanner’s glass membrane, but anything more remote fades quickly into a void of blur and black.  Therefor the scanner, for Weston, becomes a tool of self-reflection, and an exploration of creating images, rather than finding them.  Weston uses low vision magnification devices and magnifiers which also become the subject of his images.  Utilizing adaptive computer software, Weston is able to edit his images.

Limited Vision

Sixth Sense