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Passionate Focus 2018

Connie's piece uses acrylics and acrylic ink to create the illusion of stained glass. Vibrant shades of green blue and orange are used in this abstract image.

Constance Avery

  1. A Time to Remember (SOLD)
  2. Iridaceae (SOLD)
  3. The Interrupted (SOLD)
A young girl with intricately braided hair looks up wistfully with pools of colorful tears in her eyes.

Amber Miller

  1. Come to Life (SOLD)
An abstract image with rain in the foreground and vibrant shades of magenta, ochre and green in the background.

Annie Hesse

  1. Arles, France (SOLD)
  2. Pismo Beach
Swirls of pink blue green and brown are on a brilliant yellow background.

Barbara Romain

  1. Apple Tree (SOLD)
  2. Be Bop
A bowl with grapes, pears and oranges rests on a table with plums, a pear, an orange and a bunch of grapes clustered around it.

Bill Crysler

  1. Old Fruit Medley
The serene face of Koko stares at you from the canvas.

Carol Sue Henry

  1. Koko the Gorilla
  2. Winter in Illinois
This frenetic pieces shows a busy urban scene with a man running away from an explosion.

Charles Blackwell

  1. Apocalypse for the Moment (SOLD)
  2. Gentrification All Around, Cranes Included in the Process (SOLD)
  3. Pounding Out, Hammering an African Sculture (SOLD)
A herd of elephants is guided to a oasis in an arid landscape.

Doris Mott

  1. Elephant Walk
A group of tall trees in fanciful colors crowd the center of the image, while a girl in a red hood peeps out for the lower left corner.

Hamilton Byrd

  1. Red Rain Hood
  2. Twin Pines
Vivid shades of red, orange and green are woven across the canvas.

Irina Mateyunas

  1. September Jazz
Shades of autumn fill the desert foliage in the foreground with mountains towering behind.

Joseph Elsner

  1. Arizona Autumn (SOLD)
Letty's piece shows Tinuy-an Falls cascading over a the edge into a pool of water filled with marine life.

Leticia de Guzman

  1. Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao, Phillipines (SOLD)
Blues, greens and purples in an intricate geometric pattern make up this scarf.

Linn Sorge

  1. Under the Sea Beaded Twill Scarf NOT FOR SALE
  2. Wearing a Woven Twill Rainbow
Martha's piece has a base of brown ceramics with a square frame of black, brown and cream woven fibers.

Martha Cowden

  1. One and One (SOLD)
  2. Recurrence of Form (SOLD)
a flock of red-winged blackbirds are caught in flight with their shadows on the snow-covered field below.

Nora Devane

  1. Fire and Ice (SOLD)
  2. Shadow Dancing (SOLD)
  3. Wishing (SOLD)
Passle using rushing to form the shape of her sculptures and then incorporates materials to add texture.

Passle Helminski

  1. Mayhem
  2. Squid
  3. Teal (SOLD)
Rose's abstract piece uses shades of white and blue on brown and green to create the image of snow on tree bark

Rosemarie Fortney

  1. Gladiolas (SOLD)
  2. Snow on Tree Bark (SOLD)
  3. Underwater Cave (SOLD)
Russell's ceramic pieces recreate classic cars -- this one a 2000 Volkswagen in bright red.

Russell Schermer

  1. 1956 Mercedes Gullwing (SOLD)
  2. 1965 Mustang (SOLD)
  3. 2000 Volkswagen (SOLD)
A bright orange line slashes across the paper, just like a bolt of lightening. But a shock of purple hair, eyes and mouth transform it into a woman posed to jump.

Sam Smith

  1. The Striking Thing (SOLD)
  2. Easy on the Eyes
A riot of colors fills this scene of a path winding between trees.

Stella De Genova

  1. Amsterdam (SOLD)
  2. Egg Still Life
  3. Morning Walk (SOLD)
This whimsical piece shows a close-up view of a tree trunk in a playful pattern of colors.

Susan Joy Gustafson

  1. Beneath the Fray (SOLD)
  2. Daffodoodle
  3. The Calico Tree (SOLD)