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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Irina Mateyunas

I am Irina Mateyunas. I would like to express myself through art but mostly to feel that I am here for a great purpose and I love life. I am grateful for those who loved, inspired and supported me sincerely and unconditionally.

I was born totally blind. I had to overcome multiple surgeries to open up some visual fields. I was severely overdosed during one of the surgeries at the age one and a half but miraculously survived and came back from the dead. However, the sight can never be restored to normal and I have to live with visual impairment for the rest of my life, but it is still was a blessing compared to nothing.

During the years, I developed many eye conditions that I have suffered from including glaucoma. I have a very small amount of remaining vision and it varies all the time from blurry to darkness, floating spots, pain and lack of energy. I still refuse to give up on me.

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