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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Doris Mott

Doris Mott was born in the city of Charleston, WV, and six years later, moved to a small Ohio farm next to a state forest, where she hiked, found beautiful spring flowers, and picked up nuts in the Fall. After high school, she married and attended two years of college. She had a business career for many years. Her husband was a professional photographer.

Doris jumped at the opportunity to travel abroad to almost 100 countries. She visited museums, cathedrals, palaces, land and seascapes, met interesting people, and viewed wildlife in their natural habitats.

At age 50, Doris was diagnosed with glaucoma, then macular degeneration. After a retirement, and the death of her husband, Doris went to The Lighthouse of SW Florida, where she attended Art Classes.

She is now looking forward to using what remaining vision she has to do her own art work and put memories on paper.

Elephant Walk