Passionate Focus 2011

Barbara Romain

  1. Best Wishes
  2. Confronting Orange
  3. The Five Hindrances

Busser Howell

  1. Circle Squared

Charles Blackwell

  1. Passengers on a San Francisco Street Car (SOLD)

Charles Grover

  1. Parasailor (SOLD)

Craig Royal

  1. Ripple Effect (SOLD)

David Simpson

  1. The Big Purple Box, One Elf's Arduous Climb Back Home
  2. Flower Balloon Flying Fish Boat
  3. Lark Ascending in the Big Morning Sky

Eileen Giles Crowley

  1. This is What I See

Frank Valliere

  1. Jazz Discharge Party Hat
  2. No See 'ems

George Hedges

  1. Study in Black and White (SOLD)

John Lewis

  1. Old West Coyote

Katherine Kadish

  1. Double Magenta
  2. Tropical Garden
  3. Yellow Garden

Linn Sorge

  1. David's Poems, Prayers and Kumihimo

Martha Cowden

  1. Two Fold

Meghan Sims

  1. Brithaupe Pines
  2. Courtland at David
  3. David Street at Night (SOLD)

Rose Kamma-Sarkany

  1. Hombre Enudo a la Ventana
  2. Stroll by the Haystack

Russell Schermer

  1. 1941 Plymoth
  2. 1953 Lincoln

Sam Smith

  1. A Feel Day
  2. Crawling with Cops
  3. More to it than Meets the Eye
  4. Some People Don't Know the Meaning of the Words Drop Dead

Susan Joy Gustafson

  1. Passion for Poppies (SOLD)
  2. Raising Ebeneezers (SOLD)

Tara Innmon

  1. I Have to Use a Cane Now
  2. Retinal Checkboard - A Girl's Room