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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

David Simpson

My educational background was in political science and literature with an emphasis on writing poetry, short stories, and character sketches. In the visual arts, I have pretty much informally piecemealed my experience and education in the painting disciplines from a smattering of course work in college and my ongoing self-education and explorations into visually expressing myself.

My approach to art varies from painting to painting and season to season, depending on what inspires or enchants me at the time. I do accept convention when it suits my needs at the time, and if it makes sense to the structure of the work itself, but I will let go of it in a heart beat if I see a better way to make sense to the structure of a composition or an interpretation.

Jury Shows: ArtHouse 2007, January,2007, Partsunknown Gallery: Death and Taxes, April, 2005 Chicago Artist Coalition: Chicago Art Opening 2001 Second Sense: Passionate Focus 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 Around the Coyote: Winterfest 2004, Fall 2004

Recent Gallery and Group Shows: Gillock Gallery/Vinic Wine Company/ January 2011, Trust, Group Show Gillock Gallery,/Paris France/ November 2010 Small Works Group Show Gillock Gallery, Febuary 2009, group show Gillock Gallery January 2008, solo show Rubin’s Gallery Partsunknown Gallery, Death and Taxes, March 2005 David Leonardis Gallery, Seven Scintillating Artists Show, March 2005 David Leonaridis Gallery, Four Formidable Artists Show, February 2005

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The Big Purple Box, One Elf's Arduous Climb Back Home

Flower Balloon Flying Fish Boat

Lark Ascending in the Big Morning Sky