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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Service Enterprise

What is a Service Enterprise?

Mike making evaluation calls on the phone and Levorn manning our reception desk
Service Enterprise is a national initiative offered through Points of Light.  It helps strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to leverage volunteers and their skills to meet the organization’s mission.

Second Sense went through a rigorous certification process that started with a research-based assessment.  Then, based upon our individual assessment, we were given the training, consulting and tools to support our volunteer program.

Service Enterprise Impact

We now have a clearer picture of the impact our volunteers have on Second Sense.  We think more creatively, matching the needs of our organization to the volunteer’s skills and wishes.  The new processes we have in place enable us to better manage risk, expand programs and provide our clients with a higher level of service.


Did you know?

  • Service Enterprises outperform peer organizations on all aspects of organizational effectiveness.
  • Service Enterprise organizations are more adaptable, sustainable and capable of scaling their work.
  • Nonprofits that engage volunteers well are better led, managed and operate at almost half the median budget.


Learn more about the Service Enterprise Initiative and its impact for nonprofit organizations!