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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Self-Defense: Battling Fear and Building Confidence

March 1, 2019 | 1 Comment

by Polly Abbott, CVRT

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Ramiro is forcing Iwana to release a hold of his arm using a 1Touch release move


Have You Ever Considered a Self-Defense Class?

Many challenges come with vision loss.  You may have a fear of not being fully aware of the environment. When you lack the details typically gained through visual information, you may feel a loss of control when making choices that may affect your personal safety.

You miss the seemingly small, yet important, details.  Such as being able to get on a bus or L train and having the ability to pick the seat farthest from the crazy-looking passenger.  But, it’s also a bigger issue that creates feelings of discomfort. Knowing you can’t run away at full speed.  Knowing that people with disabilities are at greater risk of becoming a victim of crime.

As a result, you may simply decide not to go anywhere alone, on public transit or when it is dark out.  When you fear going out alone, it can severely limit leading the life you truly desire.  It curtails pursuit of work, time with friends, exercise and personal interests.  Being afraid to leave your home can also restrict physical activity, leading to poor health.  All of these factors can result in depression.

It’s important for you to overcome these fears and learn the skills to help protect yourself.


1Touch Self-Defense Class

The 1Touch™ Self Defense class is an internationally recognized program.  It teaches people with vision loss a “hands-on self-defense technique for dealing with assaults, aggressive behavior and bullying.” The program also addresses the feelings behind the sense of insecurity.  Can you imagine feeling confident that you have the skills to face a dangerous situation and come out safely on the other side? Can you imagine if society stopped viewing people with disabilities as helpless?  How would your life change if you felt more confident about being out alone or after dark?

Second Sense has offered the 1Touch Self-Defense class for two years and our clients find it builds confidence and gives them a sense of safety.

Susan says “I automatically use the release move when someone tries to help me when I don’t need the help.  And it really works.”

Ramiro, another 1Touch student, says he hasn’t yet had an opportunity to take someone down.  But, “I don’t think I look like a helpless victim because I move with confidence.”  Ramiro has also shared some of the simple moves with his son who is sometimes bullied.  These non-confrontational moves help his son communicate that he doesn’t want to fight and to leave him alone.

Would you would like to learn more about 1Touch Self-Defense and see a demonstration?  Then join us at Second Sense for What is 1Touch Self-Defense on Friday, March 22 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. Call our front desk at 312-236-8569 or email Polly Abbott to register.

Polly is the Director of Rehabilitation Training at Second Sense and a certified 1Touch instructor

1 comment on “Self-Defense: Battling Fear and Building Confidence”

  1. Mary Graf says:

    Good afternoon,
    My name is Mary Graf, and I am the Director of Nurse at Friedman Place. I was wondering if second sense ever sends someone out to do this demonstration. I have a few residents who would love to partake in a class like this, but are afraid to wander out into the community.
    If you would, is there a fee for this class? Is there a minimum or maximum number that can attend?

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