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“A Hero’s Call:” Combating Your Foes in 3D Audio

May 1, 2018 | Leave a Comment

by David Flament

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David with headphone on playing "A Hero's Call"

When I was a partial,  I loved my PlayStation and PC games.  That all ended when I lost all of my vision 8 years ago.  Or did it?

I have written articles about games for people with vision loss before and have found some amazing games.  But, “A Hero’s Call” by Out of Sight Games has reached a new level.  It reminds me of one of my favorite PlayStation games I used to play, “Elder Scrolls.”

What Kind of Game Is It?

“A Hero’s Call” is a RPG (role playing game).  You are an adventurer exploring strange new lands, completing quests and combating foes.  This game is played on your PC.  Right now, there is no version for your smartphone.

“A Hero’s Call” is a 3D audio game and is best played using headphones.  Sounds come from all different directions depending on where an object is or what direction you need to travel.  Rather than a visual map, this game uses audio beacons to guide you to different locations.  It also uses audio radar to let you know what is around you as you move.  Doors, walls, hedges or items of interest that you should investigate have different sounds.

How Do You Play?

You start the game by setting your attributes.  Choices include strength, willpower, constitution, intelligence, dexterity and agility.  Keep in mind the class you want to be when setting your attributes.  For example, if you want to be a warrior, you should give the highest values to your strength, dexterity and agility.

When the game begins, you will be approached by a guard asking for your help.  He will ask what type of weapon you use.  This is where you choose your class.

If you choose:

  • sword, you are a warrior,
  • spells, you are a mage,
  • dagger, you are a thief,
  • ranged attack, you are a ranger,
  • divine, you are a cleric and
  • undead, you are a necromancer.

Your character travels around seeking adventure and finds Farhaven, a city under attack by a mysterious enemy.  As you travel, you will meet a wide range of NPCs (non-player characters), each with their own unique voice and personality.  Some will be allies willing to join your party.  Some may ask for your help in completing a quest.  Be careful!  Exploring has its share of dangers–some of the NPCs will be foes wanting to end your adventure!

Where Do You Get the Game?

“A Hero’s Call” costs $20 and can be purchased at:  When you go to the website to purchase the game, you are also asked to create an account.  This is important as your username and password are how you unlock the game later.  Once you purchase the game online, you will be given a link to download the game.

What’s My Review?

While the game play area in “A Hero’s Call” is not quite as expansive as “Elder Scrolls,” it does boast an extremely large play area.  You can spend hours and hours traveling around and still manage to find new areas to explore.

I absolutely love this game.  I have been playing for about a month now and am still finding new quests to complete and areas to explore.  The foes you combat continue to increase in difficulty as your skills increase, and the variety of different foes is amazing.  This is a truly professional game and well worth the $20 price tag.  Game On!

David is the Manager of Assistive Technology at Second Sense

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