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Thousands of Podcasts: What’s Your Favorite?

November 15, 2017 | 1 Comment

by David Flament

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A woman listening to a podcast on her iPhone

Do You Listen to Podcasts?

Google the words “podcast genres” and you’ll be amazed at the amount of content available in a podcast format.  There’s a podcast for just about anything you can think of – dramas, music, comedy, religion, history, horror, science fiction, crime, arts, food, games, travel, fashion – the list never ends!

People often ask me which podcasts they should listen to.  As you can see, it really depends on what you are interested in.   Here’s a bit about podcasts, how they work and some of my favorites.

What is a Podcast?

If you are unfamiliar with what a podcast is, think of it as a sort of radio broadcast that you can listen to on your schedule, whenever you have the time.  Some podcasts occur on a set schedule like every day, week or month, and some are random.

Typically, you subscribe to a podcast using a podcatcher.  The term “podcatcher” refers to the way you receive and listen to the audio files or podcast. You can subscribe and access podcasts through an app on your smartphone, software on your computer or on a mobile device like a book reader.

When a new episode of a podcast you have subscribed to comes out, it will appear in your app, software or on your device ready to listen to.

My Favorite Podcasts

DTNS (Daily Tech News Show)

Host Tom Merritt and his guest co-hosts cover the tech headlines every day.  DTNS has two versions — headlines only and headlines plus discussion.  This is a great way to keep up with what is going on with technology in general.  While it focuses on mainstream technology, they do occasionally drift into accessibility topics.

Pro Football Talk Live

Host Mike Florio discusses what is going on in the world of NFL Football.  This is a daily podcast consisting of three one hour podcasts for that day’s show.  Mike hosts many guests and covers the hottest topics of the day relating to professional football.


AppleVis is hosted by several different contributors and covers a wide range of topics, all relating to Apple products and vision loss.  Whether you want to find out about how to use a cool new app or are wondering how Bluetooth works, they have a podcast for you.

Planetary Society

This weekly podcast, featuring host Mat Kaplan, has a new guest each week talking about topics related to space.  Discussions range from Earth’s orbit to Mars to future exploration.  Whether your interest lies in astronomy, space exploration or space tourism, this podcast has you covered.

Blind Bargains

Each week, hosts J.J. Meddaugh and Joe Steinkamp discuss what is new in adaptive technology, demonstrate products and cover topics of interest to people with vision loss.  J.J. and Joe frequently have interesting guests and always offer the best coverage of the summer conventions.


Do you have some favorite Podcast?  Please share in the comments below!

David is the Manager of Assistive Technology at Second Sense

1 comment on “Thousands of Podcasts: What’s Your Favorite?”

  1. Jake says:

    AppleVis and Blind Bargains are both excellent choices. I also really enjoy Eyes on Success, which used to be called Viewpoints. This one is co-hosted by a retired couple, one of whom is blind. They have guests on and discuss various aspects of blindness. The podcast is in its 8th year, and is a very entertaining listen. Check it out at . Currently I only listen to podcasts on my Mac, but I’m in the process of acquiring an iPhone.

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