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Where to Get Answers to Your Technology Questions

August 1, 2016 | 1 Comment

by David Flament, Manager of Adaptive Technology

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I often get asked, “How do you know the answers to our questions?”  I am not a genius and don’t have an eidetic memory.  I just know where some of the resources are to help me find answers to technology questions.

In Second Sense’s recent workshop, The Net and Other Resources, I shared some of my favorite resources and tips for keeping them at your fingertips.

All in One Place

One of my main sources of tech news is the Apple News app.  Apple News is a news aggregator that gathers all my news in one place, on the app.  Using the search feature in the app, you can follow most of these resources:

AppleVis:  Podcasts covering a wide range of topics for blind and low-vision users of Apple Devices. Featured topics include walk-throughs and demonstrations of apps, tips on using iOS and Mac OS X, and accessory reviews

Daily Tech News Show: Each show delivers the essential headlines in tech news that day combined with analysis from regular contributors and guest perspectives from the top names in technology.

Blind Bargains: The latest news from technology and beyond, deals on useful products, provocative audio content, and an array of useful resources.

Cool Blind Tech: Source for professionals, influencers and gadget enthusiasts looking for the latest in assistive tech, product reviews, industry analyses and more.

The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast:  Hosts Robert and Allison, adaptive technology users, discuss adaptive technology, share their views and present interviews with a variety of guests.

9to5Mac: A curated site gathering trending stories on everything Apple

AFB AccessWorld:  Technology news for people who are blind or visually impaired from the American Foundation for the Blind

Simple Searches

A Google search is a great way to find an answer fast.  For example, typing “keyboard commands PowerPoint 2010” in the search box will provide you with a list of links to websites, documents and videos that show keyboard commands for MS PowerPoint 2010.

Mainstream and Adaptive Technology Company Tech Support

At times, directly contacting the technology company is the best answer:

Disability Answer Desk


Freedom Scientific

Ai Squared

G.W. Micro


Still Don’t Know Where to Go for Answers?

Ask the tutors at Second Sense or join our TechExchange email list.  To see one of our tutors simply call 312-236-8569 and request an appointment.  To sign up for our TechExchange email list, go to:  Follow the link for TechExchange and then the link to subscribe.  Enter your email address in the edit box and choose Submit.  When you receive an email from the list, simply reply to that email and you are signed up.


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