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Tech Tutors Favorite Accessible Apps

May 4, 2015 | 2 Comments

Check out our technology tutors’ favorite apps for the iPhone!  Whether you want to have some fun or need some practical support, you’ll find it in their favorite apps.  If you have an app that’s your favorite, please share!

Marv CommerfordMarv Commerford

Sports Scores and Alerts
This app is great for keeping up with scores from your favorite teams.   You can set your favorite teams in each league so their scores show up at the top of the list.  The app provides alerts and schedules — best of all, it’s free!

Shop Shop
Shop Shop is a really nice shopping list app.  Once you enter an item, it is stored in a history list filed alphabetically, making it easy to put the item into a new list.

Radium Perfect Internet Radio 
I like this one because your favorites are on the screen when you pull up the app making it easy to change stations.  Also, if you are a SeriousXM subscriber, you can enter your user I.D.  and password into Radium so you can listen to your XM stations, too.

DiceWorld – Six Free Dice Games
I’ve enjoyed playing these games since last August.  You can play alone or against an opponent anywhere in the world!

BlackJack Free
Another free Blackjack game from the developers of DiceWorld.  It’s very accessible and plays much faster than Blindfold BlackJack.

DropVox is a simple audio recorder that puts recordings into DropBox.  Your recordings appear in your DropBox folder on all devices connected to your DropBox account.  This app at time of publishing is $1.99.

Wikipedia Mobile
Great front end to the traditional website.  Just double tap on the search box and either enter text or use the dictate button to get the answers to all of your questions.  The app gives you a list of results — just double tap the one you want.

Elizabeth HernandezElizabeth Hernandez

Money Reader
The Money Reader app by LookTel is great because it tells me what bills I have at the tip of my fingers without asking anyone to read the bill to me.

Blind Square
Blind Square is awesome!  It tells me what businesses are around me.  Even though I know what direction I am facing, it tells me what the actual address is coming up and it even searches for places around me.



2 comments on “Tech Tutors Favorite Accessible Apps”

  1. Rob Stemple says:

    Do you have a favorite OCR Program besides the KNFB Reader?

    1. david says:

      While there are plenty of OCR apps out there and I have tried most of them over the years, none have the ease of use, accuracy, and features of the KNFB Reader. The KNFB Reader app is expensive at $99, but is worth every penny. Checking the app store frequently can help as it is occasionally on sale. Below are a few other OCR apps which do not offer the reliability of the KNFB Reader app, but are lower cost alternatives.

      This free OCR app is one of the newest and is getting some news coverage. It is designed by a high school freshmen and may be helpful with some nice features.

      Text Detective
      This was probably the leading OCR app for VoiceOver users before the KNFB Reader was released. At best it was somewhat accurate and would yield results some of the time.

      This is a professional OCR app and works with VoiceOver, but yields limited results.

      I hope this helps.

      David Flament, Manager of Adaptive Technology Services at Second Sense

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