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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Thank you!

Your donation will show our clients how to gain control over their lives that seemed to be spinning out of control.

You will give them the skills to travel independently — and safely — so they can get to work, visit family, go shopping or grab lunch with a friend.

They will learn to cook dinner for their kids, clean their house and organize their bills.

You will teach them to use technology to make daunting tasks simple and simple tasks possible.  Thank you!

Christopher mans the sail during a lesson at Judd Goldman sailing.
Laura is wearing a light summer outfit and walking down the sidewalk using her white cane.

Christopher. He is one of the lucky ones.

He is alive. Christopher was shot in the head. Twice.

He was leaving his office when an unknown assailant in an unknown vehicle opened fire.

With a lot of hard work, Christopher regained most of his brain functions. But, one of the bullets exited out of his eye.

While he lost his vision, he most certainly has not lost his purpose, his positive outlook or his faith.

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Laura has two children. Like any mother, she wants to make sure they get to school safely.

But, her vision loss made walking unsafe for her and her children.

Laura started working with Rachael, one of our mobility instructors, in April.

“In the beginning, it was really hard, “ Laura said. “It was just panic — feeling unsafe. But now, after lots of practice, I learned how to use the cane. Now I feel comfortable and safe.”

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