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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Kenneth’s Story

Kenneth, looking casually elegant in grey walking shorts and white linen shirt, leans against a wall with his legs crossed and his cane at his side.

Kenneth Wants to Travel Independently

Kenneth received some basic mobility training at the state rehabilitation training center. He vividly recalls walking with some friends from the center to the corner of the block. It started to rain heavily. The group broke up and Kenneth headed alone back to the center. He tried to use his training, listening for the sound of the cane again the sidewalk. But all he could hear was the sound of the rain.

When someone grabbed his arm he still is not sure who or why Kenneth was completely turned around. Now he was alone, in the pouring rain, and completely disoriented to where he was. Luckily, a woman from a nearby office saw his predicament and braved the rain to help him out.

Kenneth wants to avoid any future situations like that. He wants to improve his mobility skills and learn how to effectively disengage from someone offering unsolicited assistance.

So, he started orientation and mobility training with Mandi in May of this year.

“Just a few weeks ago – this is something I have never done – I walked down to the Dunkin’ Donuts, got a coffee and walked back to Blind Services (a local organization that provides reading services for people with vision loss). I used all the skills I have learned from Mandi.”

One of the skills used to orient yourself to your surroundings is to designate a “marker.” This can be the sound of music from a bar, the smell of food from a restaurant or a physical structure.

“On the sidewalk just outside Blind Services, there is an elevator going up to the ‘L. I use this as a marker so I know where the revolving door is to go inside. Before my training, I would never have done that.

“My goal is to be able to walk to my local grocery store, to my bank, to the local Polish deli to get my sauerkraut. They are all so close. But without this training I would have to schedule a ride with Pace. Wait for them to come pick me up, and only make one stop. All on their schedule.

“I see Second Sense as an opportunity to learn. Taurus is fabulous. He is teaching me to use the iPhone. Next up is the Mac Pro laptop.

“My goal is to become efficient using technology at a level to manage what is going on in my life.  Handle emails, pay bills online, and anything else that comes along.

“This training is like a Godsend. I love working with Taurus and Mandi. They don’t lead you to the answers. They make you think.”