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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Get Involved with Dare2Tri

Tuesday, June 15 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

With COVID19 restrictions beginning to ease, many are looking for a place to get out, get some exercise and interact with people again! Lots of options exist, but what activities will be accessible for someone with vision loss?

Dare2Tri is a Chicago-based organization with a mission to enhance the lives of individuals with physical disabilities and visual impairments by building confidence, community, health and wellness through swimming, biking and running. Throughout the year, Dare2Tri offers a variety of programs to accomplish their mission.

This summer, Dare2Tri is offering in-person outdoor cycling and swimming, virtual cycling and strength classes and multiple triathlon camps.

Dare2Tri adapts to your needs, working with both beginners and advanced athletes.

So, just in time for summer, we welcome Dan Turn and Ryan Quilty from Dare2Tri to talk about this active organization and how you can get involved.

Dan and Ryan will share

  • how the organization started
  • the disabilities Dare2Tri serves
  • activities you can participate in

To join this presentation with Dan and Ryan, please call our conference line at 312-809-1004. For questions, email Kathy Austin.