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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Garage Band Accessibility: Creating Music and Podcasts

Friday, March 22 - 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Are you a budding musician looking for a way to capture your melodies on a recording? Perhaps you’d like to start your own podcast on a topic you know a lot about?

The audio world is growing, and the blind community is right in the center of it. The demand for accessibility has brought us to a place in recent years that we couldn’t imagine in times past. Apple’s Garage Band app is a great way to record your music or audio creations. And, for those with vision loss, it’s accessible with VoiceOver.

Taurus Smith, CVRT, shares his expertise in audio production to show you how to use the Garage Band app with VoiceOver and your iPhone to produce a standard basic recording.

In this in-person workshop you’ll:

  • become familiar with Garage band’s basic windows and track controls
  • create an audio/vocal track.
  • learn how to title tracks/recording sections
  • create, save, and delete a recording

Please note, this workshop is in-person at Second Sense. To learn more, email email Taurus Smith. Or call 312-236-8569.