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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Fire Safety in the Home: A Talk with Firefighter Nick Campbell

Thursday, October 21 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Did you know that over the five-year period from 2014 to 2018, cooking was the leading cause of home fires and home fire related injuries, according to the National Fire Prevention Association? Cooking is something we all do, and do often, so it is especially important for those with vision loss to make sure we practice fire safety.

Firefighter, Nicholas Campbell, from Northern Illinois University’s Environmental and Health Safety Department, joins our Second Sense staff member, Siobhan Midgley, CVRT, COMS, who will share critical steps you can take to protect yourself in the event of a fire emergency. Nicholas Campbell is a firefighter and paramedic with over 20 years of experience in fire safety. Nicholas and Siobhan will discuss a wide variety of safety precautions including:

  • preventing fires in the kitchen
  • learning about smoke alarms
  • planning and practicing escape routes
  • using fire extinguishers

To join us for this important, and possibly life-saving presentation, call our conference line at 312-809-1004. For questions email Siobhan Midgley.