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Virginia Knepper Doyle

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English and Psychology, I married a Foreign Service Officer and lived in many countries for the next thirty years. Trilingual, I was able to study with leading artists of several countries we lived in, where I also exhibited my work.

For the past few years, I have concentrated on abstract painted panels with elements of natural designs. I mean them to be free of the usual constraints of a frame and hang them from bamboo poles. My subject matter deals with the psychological relationships in families and with natural elements one finds in nature. I paint outside in the garden, most often in the winter, on cold, windy mornings, when I find most of my inspiration from nature.

In the past six months, since her husband passed, Doyle created a body of work in “collage” form, called “Transitions.” In “Transitions,” pieces dedicated to her husband’s memory, she expresses her feelings of loss and love, and the comfort and freedom from fear she often finds in nature.

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