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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Virginia Knepper Doyle

“After graduating from the University of California in Berkeley (1955) with a BA degree in English and Psychology, and working at the Harvard Business Review as an editorial assistant, I began a life as a Foreign Service wife which led me to living in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Switzerland and France, as well as Massachusetts, Washington, DC and Stanford, California.

“To me, creating art is like playing with color and line, and the fun I have in creating each image keeps my work looking young and playful.

“I cannot see the details now that my macular deterioration has created certain blind spots in my vision, but this adds to the excitement of creating.  I have come to believe that what one does not see, what is beneath the surface, is what the meaning of this piece actually is.

“Creating art for most of my life, I use multiple techniques to explore the ideas of family, loss, hope, our natural world and the joy of achieving a really important goal. This year, I focused on combining oil pastel with photography and returned to an old love of abstraction.”

Black Lives Matter

Prayer of St. Francis