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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Thomas Patrick Wolf

Like all artists I want to share my vision of life, beauty, love, pain, and reality. However, due to my retinal disease my picture of the world gets smaller and smaller every day. Conversely, my mind’s eye grows with visions and passion for life beauty, love, pain and reality. My medium, mixed media/digital photography, has become the prosthetic for my vision. Luckily, technology allows me to use mixed media/digital photography to pull together my skills in drawing, acrylics, oil, sculpture, and photography and create a cohesive composition in a digitally controlled environment

My work has developed as my life develops and as my life continues to develop so will my work. I am now living in Idaho and the mountains, deserts and ever expanding blue skies have been my inspiration. My current work reflects this in rock and mountain imagery as well as some desert influences. Recently I have been taking photos non-stop and find my photography work moving over into my digital work.

A Spherical #1

A Spherical #2

A Spherical #3

A Spherical #4