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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Susan Joy Gustafson

“My husband died last January after a five year joust with pancreatic cancer.

“My guide dog and I moved to Omaha Nebraska in a dazed state of mind to care for my Dad who is 97 years old  in an elegant Senior Living Facility. Imagine my joy, we live next to the hobby room: unlimited art supplies!

“My heart was broken open by my devastating loss, and with compassion in the care I deliver to Dad. My guide dog and I find time daily for walks through the resident’s gardens, sometimes at night, on scorching days.

“Teaching yoga, swimming and creating art are my daily outlets.

“All the Joy flooding my heart is a blessing I did not anticipate.

“Designing fused glass angels, and painting with acrylics have allowed my works to be uniquely me; strangely bold, and fuel my passion for wholehearted living.

“The Midwest skies amaze me too! So grateful for the sight I enjoy.”

Balloon Flowers

Zinnia Bouquet

Zinnias Zing