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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Stella De Genova

My visual impairment forces me to let go of “staying in the lines.” Perspective and colors may change because of what my eyes see, ultimately making my style looser and more expressive. I have to work in the best possible lighting, which usually means daylight along with extra lamps and magnification for small areas.

I work with pastels for richness and brightness, and sometimes watercolors for more softness. My compositions consist of realistic references and whatever the composition, I try to play with color and conjure emotion. Although more than 80% of what I see ranges from muted colors to black, there is a world of color and images in my head, waiting to be put on paper. Creating art has always been important to me and even though my vision loss makes drawing more challenging, it also makes for an interesting journey.

I have taken art classes throughout my life and continue to do so. As a visually impaired artist, it is important to me to help people understand that we all have the ability to create.

Patron Sponsor: Alpana and Dipankar Mukhopadhyay