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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Rosemarie Fortney

As the progression of RP has limited my field of vision to 5′ central tunnel, my creativity continues to expand. Although it is very easy to become disoriented in real environs, original subject matter and compositions appear abundantly. I am frequently and unexpectedly inspired within the “frame” of my smaller “viewfinder”. My artworks reflect these small “apparitions” which I truly enjoy creatively embellishing with my interpretations and emotion.

RP is the reason for my light-dependence. My inspiration for making art is to “combat” RP’s darkness and present memorable moments of brilliant color, contrast and intriguing designs – they can be as complex or selectively simple as I am moved.

Painting with acrylics is enlivening as colors and textures are dynamically blended & layered on substrate. I appreciate photography, also, since the lens mimics my own viewfinder. Computer enhancement is the only means for me to truly explore and navigate my captured images fully, with spoken cues via speech software.

Most recently SUMI painting with Chinese watercolor has captivated me, due to using full-arm motion and special brushstrokes that are a freeing spacial element. All aspects of SUMI painting are integrated in things of nature & soul…the meditative grinding of black ink, rice paper, water, goat and wolf hair brushes.

Vision loss has certainly “enflamed” me to explore artistic expression as my way of life!

Bold One