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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Rose Kamma Morrison

“I was diagnosed at 16 with Usher Syndrome (progressive deaf-blindness) now having less than 10 degrees of peripheral vision.

“I studied art throughout my school and college years, exploring watercolours as my main practice. As my vision diminishes, many forms of art have changed – that change has been a positive influence for me.  It gave me the opportunity to try new genres and techniques.  Art is about exploring new avenues of texture, colour and emotion which give my mind’s eye access to a broad horizon of ideas.  This is what I love about art – it is liberating to create adaptation, a challenge I love to experiment in.  Tactile art is now under the umbrella of the many techniques I possess as a creator.

“Most pieces submitted incorporate alcohol ink, its versatility allows me to use it as the main medium, or mix it with acrylic paint and/or metallic powder.  Alcohol ink has its challenges as it truly forms its own design. I blow through a straw or use various tools to manipulate the movement of the inks to create the art. I use alcohol isopropyl to gain negative spaces, shapes and lines where my design takes form.  It is quite a fascinating process.  Once dried, I may add acrylic paint, texture and metallic powders to complete the pieces.  For protection and longevity I take great care using several coats of ‘Kamar’ to preserve its vibrance.  I chose Giclee as the final presentation with some of my pieces.

“Thank you for the opportunity to bring my art to you as it is a glimpse of my life living with Usher Syndrome.”

Bailarinas Rojas


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