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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Linn Sorge

I have always been highly involved in music and earned a BA in music education with a minor in piano during undergrad. I went on to earn a masters degree in teaching the visually impaired at Northern Illinois University. There, I coordinated the service unit for persons with disabilities for 20 years before I decided to change careers and pursue the vision teaching field. I am currently working as a full time instructor at the Hadley School for the blind where I have been for 11 years.

Artistically, I began taking weaving classes 17 years ago. Initially, it was challenging to figure out ways to create complex braille weaving patterns with new goals and techniques; however, I have been able master the entire weaving process independently. Now I feel great joy when my fingertips discover the complex patterns I have created as they come alive on the loom. Initially my work focused on textures and I kept the colors simple, but with the encouragement of my teacher Heather Winslow, I have a better understanding of color theory and incorporate more color in my work. I see color as music — one color might be a cheerful little melody in a major key, while another is a bold strong sound, when added together you have a new piece of hand-woven artwork.


Anne's Origami Reds