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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Julie Bruno

“My style is like me, still evolving and a little quirky. Working with limited field, and now loss of color perception, I am incorporating my desire to try new formats, media and styles to reinterpret what I see. It is a challenge to paint/draw large objects like buildings and keep them scaled properly when I see only a pane of window glass, an animal, or the veins of a leaf unless I am VERY far away.

“But I am always up for a challenge. That’s good because life is full of them and I am not backing down.

“I have a degree in Spanish education but my vision loss directed my career path. Since I stopped working 5 years ago, I needed to fill my time and keep my brain active.

“Since I was six, art always captured my interest so this is a natural path for me. From Renoir to Calder to precisionists to Georgia O’Keefe, I feel the impact.

“Art has always been an integral part of who I am, from admiring it to creating it. Each piece I make tests my vision and my ability to interpret. I am trying to learn new techniques and use different media, trying to find a niche but break out of a restrictive stereotype.

“RP, short for Retinitis Pigmentosa, is also short for Really Persistent.”

Chester County Barn 1

Ginko Leaves