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Second Sense - Beyond Vision Loss

Jeff Kneut

I began my interest in art in the seventh grade. I have multiple sclerosis and my optic nerve has been affected causing me to be legally blind. I used to draw and paint with great detail, however now due to my vision loss, I paint larger more creative work, and water color is my preferred medium. During high school I took several art classes and won a full scholarship for art at the school of art and design in New York City. I graduated with a B.A. After graduating I returned home to Rochester and began working as a graphic artist illustrator. I then moved onto package design in Syracuse, NY. From there I moved on to a position at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY as an illustrator graphic designer in the research building. At Kodak my vision became double, due to my M.S. and I could no longer obtain the position. So I continued as a professional artist, within my own home.

Hanging Over

Birches Bay